17-letter words containing b, a, s, h, e, r

  • absolute monarchy — a monarchy without constitutional limits
  • abstinence theory — the theory that interest is payment for conserving current income.
  • architect's table — a table having a surface consisting of a drawing board adjustable to various heights and angles.
  • bachelor's button — any of several plants of a genus (Centaurea) of the composite family, that have scaly, vase-shaped bracts below the white, pink, or blue flowers; esp., the cornflower and knapweed
  • bachelor's degree — A bachelor's degree is a first degree awarded by universities.
  • bachelor's-button — any of various plants with round flower heads, especially the cornflower.
  • back on the rails — If something is back on the rails, it is beginning to be successful again after a period when it almost failed.
  • bacteriorhodopsin — a purple protein containing retinal and found in the plasma membrane of certain bacteria (genus Halobacterium): it directly supplies electrochemical energy from sunlight
  • barchester towers — a novel (1857) by Anthony Trollope.
  • barkhausen effect — the phenomenon of short, sudden changes in the magnetism of a ferromagnetic substance occurring when the intensity of the magnetizing field is continuously altered.
  • baseboard heating — a heating system by pipes, through which steam or hot water circulates, near the base of the walls of rooms
  • be over sb's head — If something such as an idea, joke, or comment goes over someone's head, it is too difficult for them to understand.
  • beat a dead horse — to argue an issue that is already settled
  • bell-hanger's bit — a bit for drilling small holes through studs or the like.
  • bell-shaped curve — bell curve
  • bergisch gladbach — city in W Germany, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia: pop. 105,000
  • bergisch-gladbach — an industrial city in W Germany, near Cologne.
  • best first search — (algorithm)   A graph search algorithm which optimises breadth first search by ordering all current paths according to some heuristic. The heuristic attempts to predict how close the end of a path is to a solution. Paths which are judged to be closer to a solution are extended first. See also beam search, hill climbing.
  • board-and-shingle — a small dwelling with wooden walls and a shingle roof
  • bottlebrush grass — a North American grass, Hystrix patula, having loose flower spikes with long awns.
  • branch delay slot — delayed control-transfer
  • breach of promise — (formerly) failure to carry out one's promise to marry
  • break one's heart — to grieve or cause to grieve very deeply, esp through love
  • british cameroons — a former British trust territory of West Africa
  • british israelite — a member of a religious movement claiming that the British people are descended from the lost tribes of Israel
  • british-cameroons — German Kamerun. a region in W Africa: a German protectorate 1884–1919; divided in 1919 into British and French mandates.
  • broadview heights — a town in N Ohio.
  • buncher resonator — See under Klystron.
  • carbon disulphide — a colourless slightly soluble volatile flammable poisonous liquid commonly having a disagreeable odour due to the presence of impurities: used as an organic solvent and in the manufacture of rayon and carbon tetrachloride. Formula: CS2
  • chamber orchestra — A chamber orchestra is a small orchestra which plays classical music.
  • charles lindbergh — Anne (Spencer) Morrow, 1906–2001, U.S. writer (wife of Charles Augustus Lindbergh).
  • combine harvester — A combine harvester is a large machine which is used on farms to cut, sort, and clean grain.
  • dishonourableness — Alternative spelling of dishonorableness.
  • doberman pinscher — one of a German breed of medium-sized, short-haired dogs having a black, brown, or blue coat with rusty brown markings.
  • english breakfast — An English breakfast is a breakfast consisting of cooked food such as bacon, eggs, sausages, and tomatoes. It also includes toast and tea or coffee.
  • father substitute — a male who replaces an absent father and becomes an object of attachment.
  • hard-shelled crab — a crab, esp. an edible sea crab, before it has shed its hard shell
  • hasbrouck heights — a borough in NE New Jersey.
  • have it in for sb — If someone has it in for you, they dislike you and try to cause problems for you.
  • heartbreakingness — The state or quality of being heartbreaking.
  • hepatitis b virus — a form of hepatitis caused by a DNA virus (hepatitis B virus, or HBV) that persists in the blood, characterized by a long incubation period: usually transmitted by sexual contact or by injection or ingestion of infected blood or other bodily fluids.
  • herbaceous border — A herbaceous border is a flower bed containing a mixture of plants that flower every year.
  • high-carbon steel — steel containing between 0.5 and 1.5 per cent carbon
  • histamine blocker — any of various substances that act at a specific receptor site to block certain actions of histamine.
  • hold one's breath — If you say that someone is holding their breath, you mean that they are waiting anxiously or excitedly for something to happen.
  • hottentot's bread — elephant's-foot.
  • hyperbolic secant — a hyperbolic function that is the reciprocal of cosh; sech
  • hyperbolic spiral — rθ = a, (where a is a constant)
  • in double harness — in a harness for two animals pulling the same carriage, plow, etc.
  • interdental brush — a small brush that is used to clean between the teeth

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