22-letter words containing a, r, o, n, i, c

  • (dead) in one's tracks — abruptly, as from being stunned or otherwise rendered unable to proceed
  • a name to conjure with — If you say that the name of a particular person or organization is a name to conjure with, you mean that that person or organization is very important and influential in the field you are discussing.
  • absolute configuration — the spatial arrangement of atoms or groups in a chemical compound about an asymmetric atom
  • absorption coefficient — a measure of the rate of decrease in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation, as light, as it passes through a given substance.
  • abstract expressionism — a school of painting in New York in the 1940s that combined the spontaneity of expressionism with abstract forms in unpremeditated, apparently random, compositions
  • acceleration principle — the principle that an increase in the demand for a finished product will create a greater demand for capital goods.
  • accident-free discount — An accident-free discount is a discount on insurance payments that is available to drivers who have no accidents where they are at fault over a particular period of time.
  • accommodation platform — a platform or semisubmersible rig specially built or adapted to act as living accommodation for offshore personnel in the oil industry
  • account representative — (job)   A person in a company who identifies new accounts, analyses customer needs, proposes business solutions, negotiates and oversees the implementation of new projects.
  • adult education centre — a place where classes are held for adults
  • aerodynamic trajectory — the path of an object, as a rocket, when the air is dense enough to modify the course of flight significantly.
  • african horse sickness — a fatal infectious disease of horses, mules, and donkeys, which is transmitted by insect vectors. It is caused by an arbovirus and is characterized by pulmonary or cardiac signs
  • aggressive accountancy — the falsification of a company's accounts to give an unduly favourable impression of its financial position
  • air traffic controller — An air traffic controller is someone whose job is to organize the routes that aircraft should follow, and to tell pilots by radio which routes they should take.
  • air-entrained concrete — a low-density type of concrete throughout which small air bubbles are dispersed in order to increase its frost resistance: used for making roads. With 1 per cent of air, the loss of strength is approximately 5 per cent
  • alarums and excursions — a stage direction, esp. in Elizabethan drama, for a scene depicting a battle
  • alternative technology — a form of technology that challenges conventional technology, often being promoted as more in harmony with nature
  • american bible society — a society founded in New York City in 1816 to bring about worldwide dissemination of the Bible.
  • american shorthair cat — one of a breed of medium-sized, muscular shorthaired domestic cats with a broad head and a short, thick coat.
  • amperometric titration — titration in which the end point is determined by measuring the amperage of an electric current of given voltage that is passed through the solution.
  • anankastic personality — a personality syndrome characterized by obsessional or compulsive traits.
  • andrew jackson downingAndrew Jackson, 1815–52, U.S. landscape architect.
  • androcles and the lion — a comedy (1913) by G. B. Shaw.
  • animal control officer — a government worker responsible for enforcing local ordinances regulating animal ownership and responding to incidents involving animals.
  • antireflection coating — a thin film consisting of one or more layers of transparent material applied to lenses to reduce reflection.
  • antisocial personality — a personality disorder, beginning early in life, characterized by chronic and continuous antisocial behavior in which the rights of others are violated, as by lying, stealing, or aggressive sexual behavior.
  • arithmetic progression — a sequence of numbers or quantities, each term of which differs from the succeeding term by a constant amount, such as 3,6,9,12
  • armed response vehicle — (in Britain) a police vehicle carrying armed officers who are trained to respond to incidents involving firearms
  • articulatory phonetics — the branch of phonetics concerned with the production of speech sounds
  • artificial respiration — Artificial respiration is the forcing of air into the lungs of someone who has stopped breathing, usually by blowing through their mouth or nose, in order to keep them alive and to help them to start breathing again.
  • astronomical telescope — any telescope designed and mounted for use in astronomy. Such telescopes usually form inverted images
  • attachment of earnings — (in Britain) a court order requiring an employer to deduct amounts from an employee's wages to pay debts or honour financial obligations
  • audience participation — the active involvement of an audience in a live show or broadcast
  • automatic gain control — control of a radio receiver in which the gain varies inversely with the magnitude of the input, thus maintaining the output at an approximately constant level
  • automatic send receive — (hardware)   (ASR) Part of a designation for a hard-copy terminal, manufactured by Teletype Corporation, which could be commanded remotely to send the contents of its paper tape reader. The ASR-33 was the most common minicomputer terminal in the early 1970s.
  • automatic transmission — A car that is fitted with automatic transmission has a gear system in which the gears change automatically.
  • autoxidation-reduction — disproportionation.
  • axiom of comprehension — (logic)   An axiom schema of set theory which states: if P(x) is a property then {x : P} is a set. I.e. all the things with some property form a set. Acceptance of this axiom leads to Russell's Paradox which is why Zermelo set theory replaces it with a restricted form.
  • axonometric projection — a geometric drawing of an object, such as a building, in three dimensions showing the verticals and horizontals projected to scale but with diagonals and curves distorted, so that the whole appears inclined
  • bacterial endocarditis — a bacterial infection of the inner lining of the heart, most often of the heart valves, characterized by fever, enlarged spleen, and heart murmur.
  • baldassare castiglione — Baldassare [bahl-dahs-sah-re] /ˌbɑl dɑsˈsɑ rɛ/ (Show IPA), 1478–1529, Italian diplomat and author.
  • ballistic galvanometer — a type of galvanometer for measuring surges of current. After deflection the instrument returns slowly to its original reading
  • bank deposit insurance — the protection of bank deposits against the insolvency of banks in the U.S., up to a specified maximum per account that is revised periodically, under special insurance through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • bankruptcy proceedings — the legal business of a bankruptcy case
  • barra de sao francisco — a city in SE Brazil, on the São Francisco River.
  • basic operating system — (operating system)   (BOS) An early [when?] IBM operating system. According to folklore, BOS was the predecessor to TOS on the IBM 360 and it was IPL'd from a card reader. It may have been intended for very small 360's with no disks and limited tape drives. BOS died out really early [when?] as disks such as the 2311 and 2314 became common with the IBM 360, whereas disks had been a real luxury on the IBM 7090.
  • behaviour modification — the use of techniques to change someone's behaviour by reinforcing desired behaviour
  • being from outer space — a monster; an imaginary creature
  • benzenecarboxylic acid — benzoic acid.
  • bernoulli's lemniscate — Analytic Geometry. lemniscate.

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