Words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

7 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • darling — You call someone darling if you love them or like them very much.
  • daygirl — a girl who attends a boarding school daily, but returns home each evening
  • gillard — Julia (Eileen). born 1961. Australian Labor politician, born in Wales: Deputy Prime Minister (2007–10); Prime Minister (2010-13)
  • goliard — one of a class of wandering scholar-poets in Germany, France, and England, chiefly in the 12th and 13th centuries, noted as the authors of satirical Latin verse written in celebration of conviviality, sensual pleasures, etc.
  • larding — the rendered fat of hogs, especially the internal fat of the abdomen.

8 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • aldridgeIra Frederick ("the African Roscius") 1804?–67, U.S. actor, primarily in Europe.
  • bardling — an inexperienced, and thus usually inferior, poet
  • cradling — a framework of iron or wood, esp as used in the construction of a ceiling
  • daringly — In a daring manner; boldly; courageously; fearlessly; impudently.
  • darkling — in the dark or night

9 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • adoringly — to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor.
  • brandling — a small red earthworm, Eisenia foetida (or Helodrilus foetidus), found in manure and used as bait by anglers
  • cardialgy — cardialgia
  • darklings — in darkness
  • darlingly — in a darling or charming manner

10 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • admiringly — displaying or feeling admiration: admiring looks.
  • air-logged — (of a pump or system of piping) hindered in its functioning by an air lock; air-bound.
  • bridgeable — a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like.
  • bridgetalk — (language)   A visual language.
  • bridgewall — (in a furnace or boiler) a transverse baffle that serves to deflect products of combustion.

11 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • accordingly — You use accordingly to introduce a fact or situation which is a result or consequence of something that you have just referred to.
  • aggrievedly — In the manner of someone who is aggrieved.
  • allegorized — Simple past tense and past participle of allegorize.
  • alligatored — Damaged by alligatoring.
  • bedraggling — Present participle of bedraggle.

12 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • adrenalizing — to stir to action; excite: The promise of victory adrenalized the team.
  • adulterating — Present participle of adulterate.
  • affrightedly — in a frightened or alarmed manner
  • amygdaliform — almond-shaped.
  • andragogical — the methods or techniques used to teach adults: Many educators believe that the principles of andragogy, as advanced by Malcolm Knowles, have great relevance to adult education; others are not so certain.

13 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • aerodontalgia — a toothache caused by lowered barometric pressure, as in high-altitude flight.
  • aeromodelling — the making and flying of model planes
  • aggradational — (geology) Pertaining to or formed by aggradation.
  • all-pervading — spreading through or into everything
  • bar-and-grill — a place where food and alcoholic drinks are served to customers; a combined barroom and grillroom.

14 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • adrenergically — in a manner relating to the release or activation of adrenaline
  • agroindustrial — of or relating to agroindustry
  • bascule-bridge — a device operating like a balance or seesaw, especially an arrangement of a movable bridge (bascule bridge) by which the rising floor or section is counterbalanced by a weight.
  • bildungsromane — a type of novel concerned with the education, development, and maturing of a young protagonist.
  • blade-shearing — the shearing of sheep using hand shears

15 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • agro-industrial — the large-scale production, processing, and packaging of food using modern equipment and methods.
  • andrographolide — (organic compound) A bitter labdane diterpenoid that is the main bioactive component of the medicinal plant Andrographis paniculata, effective against certain cancers.
  • child-battering — the physical abuse of a child by a parent or guardian, as by beating.
  • daughter-in-law — Someone's daughter-in-law is the wife of their son.
  • deagglomeration — Deagglomeration is the process of breaking up agglomerates.

16 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • alpha-adrenergic — of or having to do with an alpha receptor
  • backward-looking — If you describe someone or something as backward-looking, you disapprove of their attitudes, ideas, or actions because they are based on old-fashioned opinions or methods.
  • biodegradability — capable of decaying through the action of living organisms: biodegradable paper; biodegradable detergent.
  • clearsightedness — The property of being clearsighted.
  • coleridge-taylor — Samuel. 1875–1912, British composer, best known for his trilogy of oratorios Song of Hiawatha (1898–1900)

17 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

18 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • agro-industrialize — to industrialize the agriculture of: to agro-industrialize a developing nation.
  • antiprostaglandins — Plural form of antiprostaglandin.
  • ballistocardiogram — a tracing made by a ballistocardiograph
  • character-building — improving certain good or useful traits in a person's character, esp self-reliance, endurance, and courage
  • diphosphoglycerate — an ester of phosphoric acid and glyceric acid that occurs in the blood and that promotes the release of hemoglobin-bound oxygen.

19 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • aldridge-brownhills — a town in central England, in Walsall unitary authority, West Midlands: formed by the amalgamation of neighbouring towns in 1966. Pop: 35 525 (2001)
  • auricular-appendage — Anatomy. the projecting outer portion of the ear; pinna. Also called auricular appendage. an ear-shaped appendage projecting from each atrium of the heart. (loosely) the atrium.
  • ballistocardiograph — an instrument that records the slight recoil of the body, while on a special bed, caused by the contractions of the heart: used to measure cardiac pumping power and the elasticity of the aorta
  • dendrochronological — Pertaining to dendrochronology.
  • electrocardiographs — Plural form of electrocardiograph.

20 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • decompartmentalizing — Present participle of decompartmentalize.
  • electrocardiographic — Of or pertaining to an electrocardiogram (ECG) or electrocardiograph.
  • languedoc-roussillon — a region of S France, on the Gulf of Lions: consists of the departments of Lozère, Gard, Hérault, Aude, and Pyrénées-Orientales; mainly mountainous with a coastal plain
  • self-differentiating — to form or mark differently from other such things; distinguish.

21 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

22 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

23 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

24 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

26 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

28 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • meter-kilogram-second-ampere — of or relating to the system of units in which the meter, kilogram, second, and ampere are the principal units of length, mass, time, and electric current. Abbreviation: mksa, MKSA.

32 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

  • democratic-republic-of-the-congo — People's Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly an overseas territory in French Equatorial Africa; now an independent member of the French Community. 132,046 sq. mi. (341,999 sq. km). Capital: Brazzaville. Formerly French Congo, Middle Congo.

34 letter words containing a, l, d, r, i, g

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