Words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

7 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • aerobic — Aerobic activity exercises and strengthens your heart and lungs.
  • arecibo — seaport in N Puerto Rico: pop. 100,000
  • barrico — a small barrel or similar container for liquids
  • boracic — boric
  • braccio — an Italian unit of measurement based on the length of a man's arm and roughly equivalent to two feet

8 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • abricock — an apricot
  • aerobics — Aerobics is a form of exercise which increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, and strengthens your heart and lungs. The verb that follows aerobics may be either singular or plural.
  • ascorbic — Of or pertaining to ascorbic acid or its derivatives.
  • baryonic — of or relating to a baryon
  • borachio — a wine carrier made from animal skin, used in Spain

9 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • abdicator — to renounce or relinquish a throne, right, power, claim, responsibility, or the like, especially in a formal manner: The aging founder of the firm decided to abdicate.
  • acrobatic — An acrobatic movement or display involves difficult physical acts such as jumping and balancing, especially in a circus.
  • aerobatic — (used with a plural verb) stunts performed in flight by an airplane, glider, or the like.
  • allobaric — of or relating to change in atmospheric pressure: allobaric wind.
  • ambrosiac — Having the qualities of ambrosia; delicious.

10 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • aborticide — the killing of an unborn fetus
  • abreaction — the release and expression of emotional tension associated with repressed ideas by bringing those ideas into consciousness
  • acerbation — (rare) Bitterness of feeling.
  • acrobatics — Acrobatics are acrobatic movements.
  • acrobatism — the art, or feats, of the acrobat

11 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • abercrombie — Sir (Leslie) Patrick. 1879–1957, British town planner and architect, best known for The County of London Plan (1943) and The Greater London Plan (1944)
  • abstraction — An abstraction is a general idea rather than one relating to a particular object, person, or situation.
  • abstriction — the separation and release of a mature spore from a sporophore by the formation of a septum. This process occurs in some fungi
  • acarophobia — a pathological belief that the skin is infested with mites or insects, often leading to self-mutilation in order to eliminate the infestation.
  • aerobically — in an aerobic manner

12 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • abstractions — Plural form of abstraction.
  • ailurophobic — relating to ailurophobia
  • aminobutyric — (organic chemistry) Of or pertaining to any of several isomeric univalent radicals in which a hydrogen atom of a butyric radical is replaced by an amino group.
  • anaerobiotic — anaerobic
  • antimicrobic — Antimicrobial.

13 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • aboricultural — Common misspelling of arboricultural.
  • abortifacient — causing abortion
  • abstractional — relating to abstraction
  • acetabuliform — saucer-shaped, as the fruiting bodies of certain lichens.
  • acinetobacter — a bacterium that causes infections such as pneumonia, particularly in people who have a compromised immune system

14 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • abarticulation — (anatomy) An articulation, especially one that permits free motion in the joint; a hinge joint.
  • aboriculturist — One skilled in arboricultural matters; one who plants, tends and maintains trees.
  • abortifacients — Plural form of abortifacient.
  • absorbefacient — a medicine or other agent that promotes absorption
  • abstractionism — the theory and practice of the abstract, esp of abstract art

15 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

16 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • atherothrombotic — (medicine) Pertaining to or caused by atherothrombosis, the sudden disruption of an atherosclerotic plaque.
  • autobiographical — An autobiographical piece of writing relates to events in the life of the person who has written it.
  • azodicarbonamide — (chemistry) An organic chemical, a yellow to orange red, odorless, crystalline powder, used in food industry as a food additive, a flour bleaching agent and improving agent and in foaming plastics.
  • back-propagation — (Or "backpropagation") A learning algorithm for modifying a feed-forward neural network which minimises a continuous "error function" or "objective function." Back-propagation is a "gradient descent" method of training in that it uses gradient information to modify the network weights to decrease the value of the error function on subsequent tests of the inputs. Other gradient-based methods from numerical analysis can be used to train networks more efficiently. Back-propagation makes use of a mathematical trick when the network is simulated on a digital computer, yielding in just two traversals of the network (once forward, and once back) both the difference between the desired and actual output, and the derivatives of this difference with respect to the connection weights.
  • backward-looking — If you describe someone or something as backward-looking, you disapprove of their attitudes, ideas, or actions because they are based on old-fashioned opinions or methods.

17 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • aerobic-exercises — Also called aerobic exercises. (used with a plural verb) any of various sustained exercises, as jogging, rowing, swimming, or cycling, that stimulate and strengthen the heart and lungs, thereby improving the body's utilization of oxygen.
  • aircraft-observer — someone or something that observes.
  • antimycobacterial — (medicine) That counteracts the effects of mycobacteria.
  • bacteriologically — In a bacteriological manner; with respect to bacteriology.
  • bacteriorhodopsin — a purple protein containing retinal and found in the plasma membrane of certain bacteria (genus Halobacterium): it directly supplies electrochemical energy from sunlight

18 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

19 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • bacteriochlorophyll — a pale blue-gray form of chlorophyll that is unique to the photosynthetic but anaerobic purple bacteria.
  • ballistocardiograph — an instrument that records the slight recoil of the body, while on a special bed, caused by the contractions of the heart: used to measure cardiac pumping power and the elasticity of the aorta
  • chromoblastomycosis — Long-term fungal infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
  • devils-on-horseback — a savoury of prunes wrapped in bacon slices and served on toast
  • heptachlorobiphenyl — (organic compound) Either of twenty-four isomers of the polychlorinated biphenyl containing seven chlorine atoms.

20 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

21 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

23 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • pentachloronitrobenzene — a crystalline compound, C 6 Cl 5 NO 2 , used as an herbicide and insecticide. Abbreviation: PCNB.

24 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

32 letter words containing a, b, r, i, c, o

  • democratic-republic-of-the-congo — People's Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly an overseas territory in French Equatorial Africa; now an independent member of the French Community. 132,046 sq. mi. (341,999 sq. km). Capital: Brazzaville. Formerly French Congo, Middle Congo.

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