Words containing a, b, j

3 letter words containing a, b, j

  • jab — a poke with the end or point of something; a sharp, quick thrust.

4 letter words containing a, b, j

  • baja — a narrow peninsula in NW Mexico between the Gulf of California and the Pacific, forming two territories of Mexico. 55,634 sq. mi. (144,090 sq. km). Capitals: Mexicali (Northern Territory) and La Paz (Southern Territory).
  • baji — Synonym of chiura (beaten rice, a common Nepali food).
  • baju — a traditional Malay long-sleeved and high-collared shirt worn by men
  • beja — a member of a group of nomadic, predominantly Muslim peoples of northeastern Sudan.
  • bsja — British Show Jumping Association

5 letter words containing a, b, j

  • abjad — (linguistics) A writing system, similar to a syllabary, in which there is one glyph (that is a symbol or letter) for each consonant or consonantal phoneme. Some languages that use abjads are Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu. Abjads differ from syllabaries (such as the Japanese hiragana) in that the vowel quality of each letter is left unspecified, and must be inferred from context and grammar.
  • abuja — the federal capital of Nigeria, in the centre of the country. Pop: 467 000 (2005 est)
  • bajaj — (Indonesia) A tuk-tuk.
  • bajan — a native of Barbados
  • bajer — Fredrik [fred-rik;; Danish frith -rik] /ˈfrɛd rɪk;; Danish ˈfrɪð rɪk/ (Show IPA), 1837–1922, Danish politician and author: Nobel Peace Prize 1908.

6 letter words containing a, b, j

  • abject — You use abject to emphasize that a situation or quality is extremely bad.
  • abjure — If you abjure something such as a belief or way of life, you state publicly that you will give it up or that you reject it.
  • aljabr — (tool)   An implementation of MACSYMA for the Macintosh by Fort Pond Research.
  • bajada — a scrummaging technique, developed in Argentina, in which all eight forwards in a pack drive forward low and hard
  • banjax — to ruin or destroy, often as a result of incompetence

7 letter words containing a, b, j

  • abidjan — a port in Côte d'Ivoire, on the Gulf of Guinea: the legislative capital (Yamoussoukro became the administrative capital in 1983). Pop: 3 516 000 (2005 est)
  • abjoint — to cut off part of a mycelium or spore by forming a septum
  • abjured — Simple past tense and past participle of abjure.
  • abjurer — One who abjures. (late 18th century).
  • badajoz — a city in SW Spain: strategically positioned near the frontier with Portugal. Pop: 138 415 (2003 est)

8 letter words containing a, b, j

  • abatjour — A skylight or other device whose purpose it is to direct light into a room.
  • abjectly — utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched: abject poverty.
  • abjuring — Present participle of abjure.
  • banerjea — Sir Surendranath [soo-ren-druh-naht] /sʊˈrɛn drəˌnɑt/ (Show IPA), 1848–1925, Indian political leader.
  • banjaxed — destroyed or ruined

9 letter words containing a, b, j

  • abat-jour — a device, as a skylight or reflector, for diverting light into a building.
  • abjection — an abject state or condition
  • abjective — tending to degrade, humiliate, or demoralize: the abjective influences of his early life.
  • amberjack — any of several large carangid fishes of the genus Seriola, esp S. dumerili, with golden markings when young, occurring in tropical and subtropical Atlantic waters
  • bajillion — an extremely large but unspecified number, quantity, or amount

10 letter words containing a, b, j

  • abjectness — The state of being abject; abasement; meanness; servility. (Late 16th century.).
  • abjunction — the act of cutting off part of a mycelium or spore by forming a septum
  • abjuration — the act of abjuring.
  • abjuratory — Containing abjuration.
  • adjustable — If something is adjustable, it can be changed to different positions or sizes.

11 letter words containing a, b, j

  • antijacobin — opposed the political activities of the Jacobins
  • assubjugate — to cause to be oppressed or overpowered
  • azerbaijani — a native or inhabitant of Azerbaijan
  • banjarmasin — a port in Indonesia, in SW Borneo. Pop: 527 415 (2000)
  • banjermasin — a seaport on the S coast of Borneo, in Indonesia.

12 letter words containing a, b, j

  • abdul-jabbar — Kareem [kuh-reem] /kəˈrim/ (Show IPA), (Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr) born 1947, U.S. basketball player.
  • abdul-medjid — 1823-61; sultan of Turkey (1839-61)
  • abjudication — (rare) Rejection by judicial sentence.
  • bandjarmasin — Banjarmasin
  • bandjermasin — a seaport on the S coast of Borneo, in Indonesia.

13 letter words containing a, b, j

  • adjustability — ability to adjust
  • azerbaijanian — a native or inhabitant of Azerbaijan.
  • benjamin-bush — Also called spice-wood. a yellow-flowered, North American shrub, Lindera benzoin, of the laurel family, whose bark and leaves have a spicy odor.
  • conjecturable — Able to be conjectured upon.
  • enjoyableness — The quality or state of being enjoyable.

14 letter words containing a, b, j

  • justiciability — (legal): The ability of a subject matter to be evaluated and resolved by a court.
  • justifiability — capable of being justified; that can be shown to be or can be defended as being just, right, or warranted; defensible: justifiable homicide.
  • non-adjustable — capable of being adjusted: adjustable seat belts.
  • nonjusticiable — capable of being settled by law or by the action of a court: a justiciable dispute.
  • objective-case — something that one's efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; goal; target: the objective of a military attack; the objective of a fund-raising drive.

15 letter words containing a, b, j

  • adjustable-rate — designating or of a debt obligation, esp. a mortgage on real property, having terms which allow the interest rate to change over time
  • barrancabermeja — a city in N Colombia.
  • jack-in-the-box — a toy consisting of a box from which an enclosed figure springs up when the lid is opened.
  • jubilate-sunday — Also called Jubilate Sunday. the third Sunday after Easter: so called from the first word of the 65th Psalm in the Vulgate, which is used as the introit.
  • jupiter's-beard — red valerian.

16 letter words containing a, b, j

  • adjustable-pitch — (of a marine or aircraft propeller) having blades whose pitch can be changed while the propeller is stationary, chiefly to suit various conditions of navigation or flight.
  • self-subjugation — the act, fact, or process of subjugating, or bringing under control; enslavement: The subjugation of the American Indians happened across the country.
  • subjectification — to make subjective.

17 letter words containing a, b, j

  • benjamin-constant — Henri Benjamin [ahn-ree ban-zha-man] /ɑ̃ˈri bɛ̃ ʒaˈmɛ̃/ (Show IPA), (Benjamin Constant) 1767–1830, French statesman and author, born in Switzerland.
  • objectionableness — The quality of being objectionable.

18 letter words containing a, b, j

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