Sentences with previous

P p
  • She has a teenage daughter from a previous marriage.
  • It was a surprisingly dry day after the rain of the previous week.
  • Previous generally implies a coming before in time or order [a previous encounter]; prior adds to this a connotation of greater importance or claim as a result of being first [a prior commitment]; preceding, esp. when used with the definite article, implies a coming immediately before [the preceding night]; antecedent adds to the meaning of , previous a connotation of direct causal relationship with what follows [events antecedent to the war]; forego1 verb transitive applies specif. to something previously said or written [the foregoing examples]; former1 always connotes comparison, stated or implied, with what follows (termed latter)
  • The previous owner.
  • Aren't you a little previous with that request?
  • Previous to moving here she lived in Chicago.
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