Sentences with accommodated

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  • To accommodate a friend by helping him move to a new apartment.
  • The officials were accommodated with seats toward the front of the room.
  • Australia accepts that as China grows, its power needs to be respected and accommodated.
  • To finance superior CRU accommodation for the 480 people now accommodated in the cottages.
  • Can you accommodate him, or are you short of cash?
  • Will this elevator accommodate 10 people?
  • Some of the homes accommodated more than 100 babies in sparsely furnished dormitories.
  • Those who could not walk were accommodated on stretchers improvised from carriage cushions, and all were covered with coats and rugs which.
  • To accommodate oneself to circumstances.
  • To accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Chinese society is family oriented and refugees are easily accommodated within the family structure.
  • Once the visual assault of Ciccia's two-level interior has been accommodated.
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