Rhymes with abstract

A a

One-syllable rhymes

  • act — When you act, you do something for a particular purpose.
  • backed — having a back or backing
  • cracked — An object that is cracked has lines on its surface because it is damaged.
  • fact — Fully Automated Compiling Technique
  • hacked — to place (something) on a hack, as for drying or feeding.
  • jacked — Carpentry. having a height or length less than that of most of the others in a structure; cripple: jack rafter; jack truss.
  • lacked — deficiency or absence of something needed, desirable, or customary: lack of money; lack of skill.
  • packed — transporting, or used in transporting, a pack or load: pack animals.
  • pact — an agreement, covenant, or compact: We made a pact not to argue any more.
  • racked — Also called cloud rack. a group of drifting clouds.
  • sacked — the plundering of a captured place; pillage: the sack of Troy.
  • schacht — (Horace Greeley) Hjalmar [yahl-mahr] /ˈyɑl mɑr/ (Show IPA), 1877–1970, German financier: acting minister of national economy 1934–37.
  • stacked — (of a woman) having a voluptuous figure.
  • tacked — a short, sharp-pointed nail, usually with a flat, broad head.
  • tact — a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations.
  • tract — a brief treatise or pamphlet for general distribution, usually on a religious or political topic.
  • whacked — exhausted; tired out.
  • wracked — Also called cloud rack. a group of drifting clouds.

Two-syllable rhymes

  • attacked — to set upon in a forceful, violent, hostile, or aggressive way, with or without a weapon; begin fighting with: He attacked him with his bare hands.
  • attract — If something attracts people or animals, it has features that cause them to come to it.
  • compact — Compact things are small or take up very little space. You use this word when you think this is a good quality.
  • contract — A contract is a legal agreement, usually between two companies or between an employer and employee, which involves doing work for a stated sum of money.
  • detract — If one thing detracts from another, it makes it seem less good or impressive.
  • diffract — to break up or bend by diffraction.
  • distract — to draw away or divert, as the mind or attention: The music distracted him from his work.
  • impact — the striking of one thing against another; forceful contact; collision: The impact of the colliding cars broke the windshield.
  • in fact — something that actually exists; reality; truth: Your fears have no basis in fact.
  • intact — not altered, broken, or impaired; remaining uninjured, sound, or whole; untouched; unblemished: The vase remained intact despite rough handling.
  • protract — to draw out or lengthen, especially in time; extend the duration of; prolong.
  • react — to act in response to an agent or influence: How did the audience react to the speech?
  • redact — to put into suitable literary form; revise; edit.
  • retract — to withdraw (a statement, opinion, etc.) as inaccurate or unjustified, especially formally or explicitly; take back.
  • riot act — an English statute of 1715 providing that if 12 or more persons assemble unlawfully and riotously, to the disturbance of the public peace, and refuse to disperse upon proclamation they shall be considered guilty of felony.
  • sex act — sexual intercourse; copulation.
  • speech act — any of the acts that may be performed by a speaker in making an utterance, as stating, asking, requesting, advising, warning, or persuading, considered in terms of the content of the message, the intention of the speaker, and the effect on the listener.
  • subtract — to withdraw or take away, as a part from a whole.
  • transact — to carry on or conduct (business, negotiations, activities, etc.) to a conclusion or settlement. Synonyms: enact, conclude, settle, manage, negotiate.

Three-syllable rhymes

  • inexact — not exact; not strictly precise or accurate.
  • interact — to act one upon another.
  • reenact — to make into an act or statute: Congress has enacted a new tax law.
  • special act — a legislative act that applies only to specific persons or to a specific area.
  • suicide pact — an agreement between two or more people to commit suicide together.

Four-or-more syllable rhymes

  • digestive tract — alimentary canal
  • overreact — to react or respond more strongly than is necessary or appropriate.
  • question of fact — a question concerning the reality of an alleged event or circumstance in a trial by jury, usually determined by the jury.

Four-or-more syllable rhymes

  • urinary tract — the organs in the body that produce and excrete urine

Four-or-more syllable rhymes

  • as a matter of fact — You use as a matter of fact to introduce a statement that gives more details about what has just been said, or an explanation of it, or something that contrasts with it.
  • gastrointestinal tract — organs of digestion
  • respiratory tract — the passages through which air enters and leaves the body
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