ALL meanings of ta

T t
  • abbreviation Technical meaning of TA Terminal Adaptor 3
  • noun ta the third letter of the Arabic alphabet. 1
  • noun Technical meaning of ta (networking, hardware)   (TA) Equipment used to adapt Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) channels to existing terminal equipment standards such as EIA-232 and V.35. A Terminal Adaptor is typically packaged like a modem, either as a stand-alone unit or as an interface card that plugs into a computer or other communications equipment (such as a router or PBX). A Terminal Adaptor does not interoperate with a modem; it replaces it. 1
  • convention ta Ta means 'thank you'. 0
  • exclamation ta thank you 0
  • abbreviation TA tantalum 0
  • abbreviation TA Territorial Army (now superseded by TAVR) 0
  • noun ta teaching assistant, a student in graduate school who performs some teaching duties in a college or university 0
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