ALL meanings of sensor

S s
  • noun sensor electronic device that detects sth 1
  • noun sensor a mechanical device sensitive to light, temperature, radiation level, or the like, that transmits a signal to a measuring or control instrument. 1
  • noun sensor a sense organ. 1
  • countable noun sensor A sensor is an instrument which reacts to certain physical conditions or impressions such as heat or light, and which is used to provide information. 0
  • noun sensor anything, such as a photoelectric cell, that receives a signal or stimulus and responds to it 0
  • noun sensor any of various devices designed to detect, measure, or record physical phenomena, as radiation, heat, or blood pressure, and to respond, as by transmitting information, initiating changes, or operating controls 0
  • noun sensor A sensor is an instrument for detecting a quantity or quality, for example temperature or motion, and returning an electrical output. 0
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