ALL meanings of sensitive plant

sen·si·tive plant
S s
  • noun sensitive plant Also called humble plant. a tropical American plant, Mimosa pudica, cultivated in greenhouses, having bipinnate leaves whose leaflets fold together when touched. 1
  • noun sensitive plant any of various other plants that are sensitive to touch. 1
  • noun sensitive plant a tropical American mimosa plant, Mimosa pudica, the leaflets and stems of which fold if touched 0
  • noun sensitive plant any similar plant, such as the leguminous plant Cassia nictitans of E North America 0
  • noun sensitive plant a person who is easily upset 0
  • noun sensitive plant a tropical American plant (Mimosa pudica) of the mimosa family, with a spiny stem, minute, purplish flowers in spherical clusters, and leaflets that fold and leafstalks that droop at the slightest touch 0
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