ALL meanings of sensationalism

S s
  • noun sensationalism tawdry or exaggerated reporting 1
  • noun sensationalism subject matter, language, or style producing or designed to produce startling or thrilling impressions or to excite and please vulgar taste. 1
  • noun sensationalism the use of or interest in this subject matter, language, or style: The cheap tabloids relied on sensationalism to increase their circulation. 1
  • noun sensationalism Philosophy. the doctrine that the good is to be judged only by the gratification of the senses. the doctrine that all ideas are derived from and are essentially reducible to sensations. 1
  • noun sensationalism Psychology. sensationism. 1
  • uncountable noun sensationalism Sensationalism is the presenting of facts or stories in a way that is intended to produce strong feelings of shock, anger, or excitement. 0
  • noun sensationalism the use of sensational language, etc, to arouse an intense emotional response 0
  • noun sensationalism such sensational matter itself 0
  • noun sensationalism the doctrine that knowledge cannot go beyond the analysis of experience 0
  • noun sensationalism the doctrine that the ability to gratify the senses is the only criterion of goodness 0
  • noun sensationalism the theory that all experience and mental life may be explained in terms of sensations and remembered images 0
  • noun sensationalism the theory of the beauty of sensuality in the arts 0
  • noun sensationalism the use of strongly emotional subject matter, or wildly dramatic style, language, or artistic expression, that is intended to shock, startle, thrill, excite, etc. 0
  • noun sensationalism preoccupation with or exploitation of what is sensational in literature, art, etc. 0
  • noun sensationalism the belief that all knowledge is acquired through the use of the senses 0
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