ALL meanings of seniority

S s
  • noun seniority superior rank 1
  • noun plural seniority the state of being senior; priority of birth; superior age. 1
  • noun plural seniority priority, precedence, or status obtained as the result of a person's length of service, as in a profession, trade, company, or union: First choice of vacation time will be given to employees with seniority. 1
  • uncountable noun seniority A person's seniority in an organization is the importance and power that they have compared with others, or the fact that they have worked there for a long time. 0
  • noun seniority the state of being senior 0
  • noun seniority precedence in rank, etc, due to senior status 0
  • noun seniority the state or quality of being senior; precedence in birth, rank, etc. 0
  • noun seniority status, priority, or precedence achieved by length of service, as in a given job 0
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