ALL meanings of -on

O o
  • suffix -on (physics and biology) Forming nouns denoting subatomic particles (proton), quanta (photon), molecular units (codon), or substances (interferon). 0
  • suffix -on (biology, genetics) Forming names of things considered as basic or fundamental units, such as codon or recon. 0
  • suffix -on (chemistry) Forming names of noble gases and certain nonmetal elements (such as boron or silicon). 0
  • suffix forming noun -on indicating a chemical substance 0
  • suffix forming noun -on (in physics) indicating an elementary particle or quantum 0
  • suffix forming noun -on (in chemistry) indicating an inert gas 0
  • suffix forming noun -on (in biochemistry) a molecular unit 0
  • noun -on an inert gas 0
  • noun -on a subatomic particle 0
  • noun -on a functional unit 0
  • noun -on a unit of measure 0
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