ALL meanings of iv

I i
  • noun iv intravenous drip, line 1
  • abbreviation IV intravenous 1
  • noun plural iv an intravenous device for delivering electrolyte solutions, medicines, and nutrients. 1
  • noun iv An intravenous drip feed. 1
  • countable noun iv An IV or an IV drip is a piece of medical equipment by which a liquid is slowly passed through a tube into a patient's blood. 0
  • adjective iv IV is an abbreviation for intravenous. 0
  • abbreviation IV intravenous(ly) 0
  • noun iv a procedure in which a hypodermic needle inserted into a vein provides a continuous supply of blood plasma, nutrients, or medicine directly to the bloodstream 0
  • noun iv the apparatus used in such a procedure, typically consisting of a bag or bottle containing the fluid, which flows through plastic tubing to the needle 0
  • noun iv (medicine) An intravenous injection. 0
  • abbreviation IV Used to indicate an ordinal number; the fourth (common as a name suffix.). 0
  • abbreviation IV (inorganic chemistry) Specifying an oxidation state of 4. 0
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