ALL meanings of chokeberry

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  • noun chokeberry any of various North American rosaceous shrubs of the genus Aronia 3
  • noun chokeberry the red or purple bitter fruit of any of these shrubs 3
  • noun chokeberry the astringent, berrylike fruit of certain North American shrubs (genus Aronia) of the rose family 3
  • noun chokeberry such a shrub 3
  • noun plural chokeberry the berrylike fruit of any North American shrub of the genus Aronia, of the rose family, especially A. arbutifolia (red chokeberry) A. melanocarpa (black chokeberry) or A. prunifolia (purple chokeberry) 1
  • noun chokeberry A North American shrub of the rose family, with white flowers and red autumn foliage, cultivated as an ornamental. 1
  • noun plural chokeberry the plant that bears this fruit. 1
  • noun chokeberry Either of two species in Aronia, formerly and sometimes in Photinia, deciduous shrubs, native to Russia and eastern North America and most commonly found in wet woods and swamps. 0
  • noun chokeberry The fruit of such a shrub. 0
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