ALL meanings of chinquapin

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  • noun chinquapin a dwarf chestnut tree, Castanea pumila, of the eastern US, yielding edible nuts 3
  • noun chinquapin a large evergreen fagaceous tree, Castanopsis chrysophylla, of W North America 3
  • noun chinquapin the nut of either of these trees 3
  • noun chinquapin any of several, usually bushlike, trees (genus Castanea) of the beech family, esp. the dwarf chestnut 3
  • noun chinquapin any of various species (genus Castanopsis) of evergreen trees of the beech family, found in W U.S. and Asia 3
  • noun chinquapin the edible nut of any of these trees 3
  • noun chinquapin A North American chestnut tree. 1
  • noun chinquapin a shrubby chestnut, Castanea pumila, of the beech family, native to the southeastern U.S., having toothed, oblong leaves and small edible nuts. 1
  • noun chinquapin Also called golden chinquapin. a Pacific coast evergreen tree, Castanopsis chrysophylla, of the beech family, having deeply furrowed bark, dark green lance-shaped leaves, and inedible nuts. 1
  • noun chinquapin the nut of either of these trees. 1
  • noun chinquapin Any of the trees in the genus Castanopsis. 0
  • noun chinquapin Any of the trees and shrubs in the genus Chrysolepis. 0
  • noun chinquapin A water-chinquapin, the water plant Nelumbo lutea, American lotus. 0
  • noun chinquapin The redear sunfish (Lepomis microlophus). 0
  • noun chinquapin A species in the chestnut genus Castanea. 0
  • noun chinquapin A chinkapin oak (Quercus muhlenbergii), a species of oak whose leaves resemble those of chestnut-genus chinquapins. 0
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