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  • variable noun cabbage A cabbage is a round vegetable with white, green or purple leaves that is usually eaten cooked. 3
  • countable noun cabbage If someone refers to a very sick person or someone with a disability as a cabbage, they are saying in an offensive way that the sick person is so badly brain-damaged or ill that they cannot do anything. 3
  • noun cabbage any of various cultivated varieties of the plant Brassica oleracea capitata, typically having a short thick stalk and a large head of green or reddish edible leaves: family Brassicaceae (crucifers) 3
  • noun cabbage the head of a cabbage 3
  • noun cabbage the edible leaf bud of the cabbage palm 3
  • noun cabbage a dull or unimaginative person 3
  • noun cabbage a person who has no mental faculties and is dependent on others for his or her subsistence 3
  • noun cabbage snippets of cloth appropriated by a tailor from a customer's material 3
  • verb cabbage to steal; pilfer 3
  • noun cabbage a common vegetable (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) of the crucifer family, with thick leaves formed into a round, compact head on a short, thick stalk: cultivated as early as 2000 b.c. 3
  • noun cabbage an edible bud at the end of the branch on some palm trees 3
  • noun cabbage paper money 3
  • verb transitive cabbage to steal 3
  • noun cabbage cloth snippets appropriated by a tailor when cutting out clothes 3
  • noun cabbage Cabbage is a round vegetable with white, green, or purple leaves that is usually eaten cooked. 3
  • noun cabbage vegetable 1
  • noun cabbage plant 1
  • noun cabbage edible part of cabbage palm 1
  • noun cabbage person: dull 1
  • noun cabbage mentally handicapped person 1
  • noun cabbage A cultivated plant eaten as a vegetable, having thick green or purple leaves surrounding a spherical heart or head of young leaves. 1
  • noun cabbage Chiefly British. cloth scraps that remain after a garment has been cut from a fabric and that by custom the tailor may claim. Also called cab. such scraps used for reprocessing. 1
  • noun cabbage An edible plant (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) having a head of green leaves. 0
  • noun cabbage (Uncountable Noun) The leaves of this plant eaten as a vegetable. 0
  • noun cabbage (Countable Noun) (offensive) A person with severely reduced mental capacities due to brain damage. 0
  • noun cabbage Used as a term of endearment. 0
  • noun cabbage (Uncountable Noun) SLA Cloth or clippings cabbaged or purloined by one who cuts out garments. 0
  • noun cabbage (Uncountable Noun) SLA Money. 0
  • noun cabbage (Uncountable Noun) SLA Marijuana leaf, the part that is not smoked but from which cannabutter can be extracted. 0
  • noun cabbage The terminal bud of certain palm trees, used for food. 0
  • noun cabbage The cabbage palmetto. 0
  • verb cabbage (Intransitive Verb) To form a head like that of the cabbage. 0
  • verb cabbage (Transitive Verb) To purloin or embezzle, as the pieces of cloth remaining after cutting out a garment; to pilfer. 0
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