ALL meanings of aerogram

A a
  • noun aerogram an airmail letter written on a single sheet of lightweight paper that folds and is sealed to form an envelope 3
  • noun aerogram (dated) A wireless message. 1
  • noun aerogram thin stationary for use in airmail 1
  • noun aerogram a sheet of lightweight paper, bearing an official postal stamp imprint, that is folded to form its own envelope and can be sent via airmail at a special, low rate because of its standard size, light weight, and lack of enclosures. 1
  • noun aerogram (dated, rare) A telegram whose transmission included at least one segment sent via airplane. 0
  • noun aerogram A thin piece of foldable and gummed paper for writing a letter and serving as its own envelope for transit via airmail. 0
  • noun aerogram (medicine, rare) A pneumogram. 0
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