ALL meanings of adjudicate

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  • verb adjudicate If you adjudicate on a dispute or problem, you make an official judgment or decision about it. 3
  • verb adjudicate to give a decision (on), esp a formal or binding one 3
  • verb adjudicate to act as an adjudicator 3
  • verb adjudicate to determine the likely result of (a game) by counting relative value of pieces, positional strength, etc 3
  • verb adjudicate to serve as a judge or arbiter, as in a competition 3
  • verb transitive adjudicate to hear and decide (a case); adjudge 3
  • intransitive verb adjudicate to serve as a judge (in or on a dispute or problem) 3
  • intransitive verb adjudicate judge: competition 1
  • intransitive verb adjudicate judge: court case 1
  • transitive verb adjudicate settle: dispute 1
  • noun adjudicate Make a formal judgment or decision about a problem or disputed matter. 1
  • verb with object adjudicate to pronounce or decree by judicial sentence. 1
  • verb with object adjudicate to settle or determine (an issue or dispute) judicially. 1
  • verb without object adjudicate to sit in judgment (usually followed by upon). 1
  • verb adjudicate To settle a legal case or other dispute. 0
  • verb adjudicate To act as a judge. 0
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