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A a
  • noun adjoint a generalization in category theory of this notion 3
  • noun adjoint Relating to or denoting a function or quantity related to a given function or quantity by a particular process of transposition. 1
  • noun adjoint a square matrix obtained from a given square matrix and having the property that its product with the given matrix is equal to the determinant of the given matrix times the identity matrix. 1
  • noun adjoint Also called Hermitian conjugate, transposed conjugate. the matrix obtained from a given matrix by interchanging rows and columns and by replacing each element by its complex conjugate. 1
  • noun adjoint (mathematics) A matrix in which each element is the cofactor of an associated element of another matrix. 0
  • noun adjoint (geometry) A curve such that any point of another curve C of multiplicity r has multiplicity at least r–1 on the adjoint. Sometimes the multiple points of C are required to be ordinary, and if this condition is not satisfied the term "sub-adjoint" is used. 0
  • noun adjoint An assistant mayor of a French commune. 0
  • adjective adjoint (mathematics) used in several situations with a meaning similar to helping. 0
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