ALL meanings of address book

ad·dress book
A a
  • countable noun address book An address book is a book in which you write people's names and addresses. 3
  • countable noun address book An address book is a computer file which contains a list of e-mail addresses. 3
  • noun address book a notebook in which people's names, addresses, and telephone numbers can be written down and stored, usually alphabetically 3
  • noun address book an item of software for recording and storing people's names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses 3
  • noun Technical meaning of address book (messaging)   A collection of electronic contacts for use in an electronic mail system, mobile phone or any other system for exchanging messages with other people or organisations. 1
  • noun address book book of contact details 1
  • noun address book A small book where one writes other people's addresses and phone numbers in. 0
  • noun address book (computing) The "Address book" stores contact information (especially e-mail addresses and other data, like postal addresses). It's generally included in Internet suites and operating system customizations. 0
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