ALL meanings of adding

A a
  • noun adding an act or instance of addition 3
  • adjective adding of, for, or relating to addition 3
  • adjective adding (in systemic grammar) denoting a bound clause that qualifies the meaning of an antecedent noun rather than of the sentence as a whole 3
  • noun adding Present participle of add. 1
  • verb with object adding to unite or join so as to increase the number, quantity, size, or importance: to add two cups of sugar; to add a postscript to her letter; to add insult to injury. 1
  • verb with object adding to find the sum of (often followed by up): Add this column of figures. Add up the grocery bills. 1
  • verb with object adding to say or write further. 1
  • verb with object adding to include (usually followed by in): Don't forget to add in the tip. 1
  • verb without object adding to perform the arithmetic operation of addition: children learning to add and subtract. 1
  • verb without object adding to be or serve as an addition (usually followed by to): His illness added to the family's troubles. 1
  • noun adding Journalism. copy added to a completed story. 1
  • idioms adding add up, to make the desired, expected, or correct total: These figures don't add up right. to seem reasonable or consistent; be in harmony or accord: Some aspects of the story didn't add up. 1
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