ALL meanings of ad

A a
  • abbreviation Technical meaning of AD Administrative Domain 3
  • noun ad You use AD in dates to indicate the number of years or centuries that have passed since the year in which Jesus Christ is believed to have been born. Compare BC. 3
  • countable noun ad An ad is an advertisement. 3
  • abbreviation AD Andorra 3
  • abbreviation AD anno Domini 3
  • abbreviation AD active duty 3
  • abbreviation AD air defence 3
  • abbreviation AD Dame of the Order of Australia 3
  • noun ad of the Christian era 3
  • noun ad an advertisement 3
  • noun ad advantage (sense 4) 3
  • preposition ad up to; so as to make 3
  • noun Technical meaning of ad (networking)   The country code for Andorra. 1
  • noun Definition of ad in Technology (networking)   (AD) A collection of hosts and routers, and the interconnecting network(s), managed by a single administrative authority. 1
  • noun ad An advertisement. 1
  • abbreviation AD advertisement 1
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