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A a
  • noun acton a jacket or jerkin, originally of quilted cotton, worn under a coat of mail 3
  • noun acton a leather jacket padded with mail 3
  • noun acton a district of the London borough of Ealing 3
  • noun acton John Emerich Edward Dalberg, 1st Baron. 1834–1902, English historian: a proponent of Christian liberal ethics and adviser of Gladstone 3
  • noun acton his grandfather, Sir John Francis Edward. 1736–1811, European naval commander and statesman: admiral of Tuscany (1774–79) and Naples (1779 onwards) and chief minister of Naples (1779–1806) 3
  • noun acton 1st Baron(John Emerick Edward Dalberg-Acton) 1834-1902; Eng. historian: known as Lord Acton 3
  • noun acton An aketon. 1
  • noun acton Lord (John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron) 1834–1902, English historian. 1
  • noun acton a former municipal borough in SE England, now part of the London borough of Ealing: center of Puritanism at the time of Cromwell. 1
  • noun acton a city in NE Massachusetts. 1
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