ALL meanings of actinal

A a
  • adjective actinal of or denoting the oral part of a radiate animal, such as a jellyfish, sea anemone, or sponge, from which the rays, tentacles, or arms grow 3
  • adjective actinal possessing rays or tentacles, as a jellyfish 3
  • adjective actinal of the oral region of a radiate animal, from which the rays or tentacles grow 3
  • adjective actinal having tentacles or rays. 1
  • adjective actinal pertaining to the oral area from which the arms or tentacles radiate. 1
  • adjective actinal (zoology) Pertaining to the side or surface around the mouth in an animal that has radial symmetry such as a starfish. 0
  • adjective actinal (zoology) Pertaining to the axis of rotational symmetry in radiate animals. 0
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