ALL meanings of acidophil

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  • adjective acidophil (of cells or cell contents) easily stained by acid dyes 3
  • adjective acidophil (of microorganisms) growing well in an acid environment 3
  • noun acidophil an acidophil organism 3
  • noun acidophil a cell, substance, or tissue easily stained by acid dyes, as any of the alpha cells in the anterior pituitary 3
  • noun acidophil an organism that has an affinity for and grows well in an acid environment 3
  • adjective acidophil Biology, Ecology. acidophilic. 1
  • noun acidophil Biology. an acidophilic cell, tissue, organism, or substance; eosinophil. 1
  • noun acidophil An acidophilic white blood cell. 1
  • noun acidophil (immunology) An eosinophil. 0
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