ALL meanings of aceldama

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  • noun aceldama the place near Jerusalem that was bought with the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for betraying Jesus (Matthew 27:8; Acts 1:19) 3
  • noun aceldama the field near Jerusalem bought with the money given Judas for betraying Jesus: Acts 1:19; Matt. 27:8 3
  • noun aceldama a place of bloodshed 3
  • noun aceldama the place near Jerusalem purchased with the bribe Judas took for betraying Jesus. Acts 1:18, 19. 1
  • noun aceldama any place of slaughter and bloodshed. 1
  • noun aceldama The potter's field, said to have lain south of Jerusalem, purchased with the bribe which Judas took for betraying his master, and therefore called the field of blood. 0
  • noun aceldama A field of bloodshed, a place of slaughter. 0
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