ALL meanings of accumulate

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  • verb accumulate When you accumulate things or when they accumulate, they collect or are gathered over a period of time. 3
  • verb accumulate to gather or become gathered together in an increasing quantity; amass; collect 3
  • verb transitive accumulate to pile up, collect, or gather together, esp. over a period of time 3
  • verb with object accumulate to gather or collect, often in gradual degrees; heap up: to accumulate wealth. 1
  • verb without object accumulate to gather into a heap, mass, cover, etc.; form a steadily increasing quantity: Snow accumulated in the driveway. His debts kept on accumulating. 1
  • noun accumulate Gather together or acquire an increasing number or quantity of. 1
  • transitive verb accumulate gather 1
  • intransitive verb accumulate increase, build up 1
  • verb accumulate (Transitive Verb) To heap up in a mass; to pile up; to collect or bring together; to amass. 0
  • verb accumulate (Intransitive Verb) To grow or increase in quantity or number; to increase greatly. 0
  • adjective accumulate (poetic, rare) Collected; accumulated. 0
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