ALL meanings of accessioning

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  • noun accessioning the act of coming into the possession of a right, title, office, etc.: accession to the throne. 1
  • noun accessioning an increase by something added: an accession of territory. 1
  • noun accessioning something added: a list of accessions to the college library. 1
  • noun accessioning Law. addition to property by growth or improvement. 1
  • noun accessioning consent; agreement; approval: accession to a demand. 1
  • noun accessioning International Law. formal acceptance of a treaty, international convention, or other agreement between states. 1
  • noun accessioning the act of coming near; approach. 1
  • noun accessioning an attack or onset, as of a disease. 1
  • verb with object accessioning to make a record of (a book, painting, etc.) in the order of acquisition. 1
  • verb with object accessioning to acquire (a book, painting, etc.), especially for a permanent collection. 1
  • noun accessioning Present participle of accession. 1
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