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  • noun acanthocephalan any of the parasitic wormlike invertebrates of the phylum Acanthocephala, the adults of which have a spiny proboscis and live in the intestines of vertebrates 3
  • adjective acanthocephalan of, relating to, or belonging to the Acanthocephala 3
  • noun acanthocephalan any of a phylum (Acanthocephala) of intestinal worms, lacking a digestive tract and having a proboscis bearing rows of thornlike hooks 3
  • noun acanthocephalan (zoology) Any of parasitic intestinal worms comprising the phylum Acanthocephala. (First attested late 19th c.)Brown, Lesley, ed. The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary. 5th. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003. 1
  • noun acanthocephalan any parasitic worm of the phylum or class Acanthocephala, having a proboscis covered with recurved hooks. 1
  • adjective acanthocephalan belonging or pertaining to the Acanthocephala. 1
  • adjective acanthocephalan In a manner similar to Acanthocephala. 0
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