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A a
  • countable noun academy Academy is sometimes used in the names of schools and colleges, especially those specializing in particular subjects or skills, or private high schools in the United States. 3
  • countable noun academy Academy appears in the names of some societies formed to improve or maintain standards in a particular field. 3
  • noun academy an institution or society for the advancement of literature, art, or science 3
  • noun academy a school for training in a particular skill or profession 3
  • noun academy a secondary school: now used only as part of a name, and often denoting a private school 3
  • noun academy the grove or garden near Athens where Plato taught in the late 4th century bc 3
  • noun academy the school of philosophy founded by Plato 3
  • noun academy the members of this school and their successors 3
  • noun academy a private secondary or high school 3
  • noun academy a school offering instruction in a special field 3
  • noun academy an association of scholars, writers, artists, etc., for advancing literature, art, or science 3
  • noun academy A place of study or training in a special field. 1
  • noun plural academy a secondary or high school, especially a private one. 1
  • noun plural academy a school or college for special instruction or training in a subject: a military academy. 1
  • noun plural academy an association or institution for the advancement of art, literature, or science: the National Academy of Arts and Letters. 1
  • noun plural academy a group of authorities and leaders in a field of scholarship, art, etc., who are often permitted to dictate standards, prescribe methods, and criticize new ideas. 1
  • noun plural academy the Academy. the Platonic school of philosophy or its adherents. academe (def 3). French Academy. Royal Academy. 1
  • noun academy high school, secondary school 1
  • noun academy training college 1
  • noun academy professional institution 1
  • noun academy military school 1
  • noun academy (classical studies, usually capitalized) The garden where Plato taught. 0
  • noun academy (classical studies, usually capitalized) Plato's philosophical system based on skepticism; Plato's followers. 0
  • noun academy An institution for the study of higher learning; a college or a university; typically a private school. 0
  • noun academy A school or place of training in which some special art is taught. 0
  • noun academy A society of learned people united for the advancement of the arts and sciences, and literature, or some particular art or science. 0
  • noun academy (Obsolete (No longer in use)) The knowledge disseminated in an Academy. 0
  • noun academy (with the, without reference to any specific academy) Academia. 0
  • noun academy A body of established opinion in a particular field, regarded as authoritative. 0
  • noun academy (Britain, education) A school directly funded by central government, independent of local control. 0
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