ALL meanings of abyssinian

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  • noun abyssinian a native or inhabitant of Abyssinia 3
  • adjective abyssinian of or relating to Abyssinia or its inhabitants 3
  • noun abyssinian Ethiopian 3
  • noun abyssinian any of a breed of short-haired domestic cat, ruddy brown or reddish in color, with a rounded, wedge-shaped head, originating in Egypt or Ethiopia (Abyssinia) 3
  • adjective abyssinian Ethiopian (sense 1) 3
  • noun abyssinian former name of Ethiopia (def 1). 1
  • noun abyssinian Ethiopia (def 2). 1
  • noun abyssinian A short-haired domestic cat descended from cats of ancient Egypt making it one of the oldest breeds in the world; Abyssinian cat. 0
  • noun abyssinian A member of the Abyssinian Church. 0
  • noun abyssinian (dated) A native of Ethiopia. 0
  • adjective abyssinian (dated, usually capitalized) Of or pertaining to Ethiopia or its inhabitants; Ethiopian. 0
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