ALL meanings of abstain

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  • verb abstain If you abstain from something, usually something you want to do, you deliberately do not do it. 3
  • verb abstain If you abstain during a vote, you do not use your vote. 3
  • verb abstain to choose to refrain 3
  • verb abstain to refrain from voting, esp in a committee, legislature, etc 3
  • intransitive verb abstain to hold oneself back; voluntarily do without; refrain (from) 3
  • intransitive verb abstain not partake or participate 1
  • intransitive verb abstain not vote 1
  • noun abstain Restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something. 1
  • verb without object abstain to hold oneself back voluntarily, especially from something regarded as improper or unhealthy (usually followed by from): to abstain from eating meat. 1
  • verb without object abstain to refrain from casting one's vote: a referendum in which two delegates abstained. 1
  • verb abstain (Transitive Verb) (reflexive, obsolete) Keep or withhold oneself. 0
  • verb abstain (Intransitive Verb) Refrain from (something); hold one's self aloof; to forbear or keep from doing, especially an indulgence of the passions or appetites. 0
  • verb abstain (Intransitive Verb) OBS Fast. 0
  • verb abstain (Intransitive Verb) Deliberately refrain from casting one's vote at a meeting where one is present. 0
  • verb abstain (Transitive Verb) OBS Hinder; keep back; withhold. 0
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