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  • adjective above-the-line denoting entries printed above the horizontal line on a company's profit-and-loss account separating the entries that show how the profit (or loss) was made from the entries showing how the profit is to be distributed 3
  • adjective above-the-line (of an advertising campaign) employing an advertising agency to use the press, television, radio, cinema, and posters 3
  • adjective above-the-line (in national accounts) denoting transactions concerned with revenue shown above a horizontal line that separates them from capital transactions 3
  • noun above-the-line denoting entries above a horizontal line on a profit and loss account, separating those that establish the profit or loss from those that show how the profit is distributed 3
  • noun above-the-line denoting revenue transactions rather than capital transactions in a nation's accounts 3
  • noun above-the-line expenditure on media advertising through an agency, rather than internally arranged advertising, such as direct mail, free samples, etc 3
  • noun above-the-line denoting bonus points, marked above the horizontal line on the score card 3
  • adjective above-the-line Above the line income or expenses are entries that appear above a horizontal line on a company's profit and loss account, and show how the profit or loss was made. 3
  • noun above-the-line Informal. a mode of conversation, especially one that is glib or exaggerated in order to impress or influence another person: He really handed her a line about his rich relatives. 1
  • noun above-the-line a straight line drawn from an observed object to the fovea of the eye. 1
  • noun above-the-line lines. the outer form or proportions of a ship, building, etc.: a ship of fine lines. a general form, as of an event or something that is made, which may be the basis of comparison, imitation, etc.: two books written along the same lines. a person's lot or portion: to endure the hard lines of poverty. Chiefly British. a certificate of marriage. 1
  • noun above-the-line a circle of the terrestrial or celestial sphere: the equinoctial line. 1
  • noun above-the-line banner (def 7). 1
  • noun above-the-line Fine Arts. a mark made by a pencil, brush, or the like, that defines the contour of a shape, forms hatching, etc. the edge of a shape. 1
  • noun above-the-line Television. one scanning line. 1
  • noun above-the-line Telecommunications. a telephone connection: Please hold the line. a wire circuit connecting two or more pieces of electric apparatus, especially the wire or wires connecting points or stations in a telegraph or telephone system, or the system itself. 1
  • noun above-the-line the line, Geography. the equator. 1
  • noun above-the-line a stock of commercial goods of the same general class but having a range of styles, sizes, prices, or quality: the company's line of shoes. 1
  • noun above-the-line an assembly line. 1
  • noun above-the-line Law. a limit defining one estate from another; the outline or boundary of a piece of real estate. 1
  • noun above-the-line Bridge. a line on a score sheet that separates points scored toward game (below the line) from points scored by setting a contract, having honors, etc. (above the line) 1
  • noun above-the-line Music. any of the straight, horizontal, parallel strokes of the staff, or one placed above or below the staff. 1
  • noun above-the-line Military. a defensive position or front. a series of fortifications: the Maginot line. Usually, lines. a distribution of troops, sentries, etc., for the defense of a position or for an attack: behind the enemy's lines. the body of personnel constituting the combatant forces of an army, as distinguished from the supply services and staff corps. 1
  • noun above-the-line an arrangement of troops of an army or of ships of a fleet as drawn up for battle: line of battle. 1
  • noun above-the-line a body or formation of troops or ships drawn up abreast (distinguished from column (def 6.)). 1
  • noun above-the-line the class of officers serving with combatant units or warships. 1
  • noun above-the-line the regular forces of an army or navy. 1
  • noun above-the-line that part of an administrative organization consisting of persons actively engaged on a given project. Compare staff1 (def 4). 1
  • noun above-the-line a thread, string, cord, rope, or the like. 1
  • noun above-the-line a clothesline: the wash hanging on the line. 1
  • noun above-the-line a cord, wire, or the like, used for measuring or as a guide. 1
  • noun above-the-line Nautical. a pipe or hose: a steam line. a rope or cable used at sea. 1
  • noun above-the-line Slang. a small quantity of cocaine arranged in the form of a slender thread or line, as for sniffing. 1
  • noun above-the-line Also, ligne. a unit equal to 1/40 (0.025) inch (0.64 mm), for measuring the diameter of buttons. 1
  • noun above-the-line Angling. a length of nylon, silk, linen, cord, or the like, to which are attached the leader, hook, sinker, float, etc. 1
  • noun above-the-line Football. either of the two front rows of opposing players lined up opposite each other on the line of scrimmage: a four-man line. the line of scrimmage. 1
  • noun above-the-line the betting odds established by bookmakers for events not covered by pari-mutuel betting, especially sporting events, as football or basketball. 1
  • noun above-the-line Ice Hockey. the two wings and center who make up a team's offensive unit. 1
  • noun above-the-line Fencing. any of the four divisions of the portion of a fencer's body on which a touch can be scored, taken as an area of attack or defense. 1
  • noun above-the-line Textiles. the longer and preferred flax or hemp fibers. Compare tow2 (def 2). 1
  • noun above-the-line Fox Hunting. the trail of scent left by a fox. 1
  • noun above-the-line a unit of length equivalent to 1/12 (0.0833) inch (2.12 millimeters). 1
  • noun above-the-line Insurance. a class or type of insurance: casualty line. the amount of insurance written for a particular risk. 1
  • noun above-the-line Australian Slang. a girl or woman. 1
  • verb without object above-the-line to take a position in a line; range (often followed by up): to line up before the start of a parade. 1
  • verb without object above-the-line Baseball. to hit a line drive. to line out. 1
  • verb with object above-the-line to bring into a line, or into line with others (often followed by up): to line up troops. 1
  • verb with object above-the-line to mark with a line or lines: to line paper for writing. 1
  • verb with object above-the-line to sketch verbally or in writing; outline (often followed by out): We followed the plan he had lined out. 1
  • verb with object above-the-line to arrange a line along: to line a coast with colonies. 1
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