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a·bove all
A a
  • phrase above all You say above all to indicate that the thing you are mentioning is the most important point. 3
  • noun above all most of all; especially 3
  • noun above all most of all; mainly 3
  • adverb above all more than anything 1
  • adverb above all more than any other 1
  • noun above all Above as an adjective (the above data) or as a noun (study the above) referring to what has been mentioned earlier in a piece of writing has long been standard. A few critics object to these uses in general writing, believing that they are more appropriate in business or technical contexts; they occur, however, in all kinds of edited writing. 1
  • adverb above all wholly; entirely; completely: all alone. 1
  • adverb above all only; exclusively: He spent his income all on pleasure. 1
  • adverb above all each; apiece: The score was one all. 1
  • adverb above all Archaic. even; just. 1
  • preposition above all in or to a higher place than; over: to fly above the clouds; the floor above ours. 1
  • preposition above all more in quantity or number than; in excess of: all girls above 12 years of age; The weight is above a ton. 1
  • preposition above all superior in rank, authority, or standing to: A captain is above a lieutenant. 1
  • preposition above all not subject or liable to; not capable of (some undesirable action, thought, etc.): above suspicion; to be above bad behavior. 1
  • preposition above all of too fine a character for: He is above such trickery. 1
  • preposition above all rather than; in preference to: to favor one child above the other. 1
  • preposition above all beyond, especially north of: six miles above Baltimore. 1
  • preposition above all Theater. upstage of. 1
  • adjective above all the whole of (used in referring to quantity, extent, or duration): all the cake; all the way; all year. 1
  • adjective above all the whole number of (used in referring to individuals or particulars, taken collectively): all students. 1
  • adjective above all the greatest possible (used in referring to quality or degree): with all due respect; with all speed. 1
  • adjective above all every: all kinds; all sorts. 1
  • adjective above all any; any whatever: beyond all doubt. 1
  • adjective above all nothing but; only: The coat is all wool. 1
  • adjective above all dominated by or as if by the conspicuous possession or use of a particular feature: The colt was all legs. They were all ears, listening attentively to everything she said. 1
  • adjective above all Chiefly Pennsylvania German. all gone; consumed; finished: The pie is all. 1
  • noun above all one's whole interest, energy, or property: to give one's all; to lose one's all. 1
  • noun above all (often initial capital letter) the entire universe. 1
  • idioms above all above all, before everything else; chiefly: Above all, the little girl wanted a piano. 1
  • idioms above all after all, in spite of the circumstances; notwithstanding: He came in time after all. 1
  • idioms above all all at once. once (def 9). 1
  • idioms above all all but, almost; very nearly: These batteries are all but dead. 1
  • idioms above all all in, Northern and Western U.S. very tired; exhausted: We were all in at the end of the day. 1
  • idioms above all all in all, everything considered; in general: All in all, her health is greatly improved. altogether: There were twelve absentees all in all. everything; everything regarded as important: Painting became his all in all. 1
  • idioms above all all in hand, Printing, Journalism. (of the copy for typesetting a particular article, book, issue, etc.) in the possession of the compositor. 1
  • idioms above all all in the wind, Nautical. too close to the wind. 1
  • idioms above all all out, with all available means or effort: We went all out to win the war. 1
  • idioms above all all over, finished; done; ended. everywhere; in every part. in every respect; typically. 1
  • idioms above all all standing, Nautical. in such a way and so suddenly that sails or engines are still set to propel a vessel forward: The ship ran aground all standing. fully clothed: The crew turned in all standing. fully equipped, as a vessel. 1
  • idioms above all all that, remarkably; entirely; decidedly (used in negative constructions): It's not all that different from your other house. 1
  • idioms above all all the better, more advantageous; so much the better: If the sun shines it will be all the better for our trip. 1
  • idioms above all all there, Informal. mentally competent; not insane or feeble-minded: Some of his farfetched ideas made us suspect that he wasn't all there. 1
  • idioms above all all the same. same (def 9). 1
  • idioms above all all told. told (def 2). 1
  • idioms above all all up, Printing, Journalism. (of copy) completely set in type. Informal. with no vestige of hope remaining: It's all up with George—they've caught him. 1
  • idioms above all and all, together with every other associated or connected attribute, object, or circumstance: What with the snow and all, we may be a little late. 1
  • idioms above all at all, in the slightest degree: I wasn't surprised at all. for any reason: Why bother at all? in any way: no offense at all. 1
  • idioms above all for all (that), in spite of; notwithstanding: For all that, it was a good year. 1
  • idioms above all in all, all included; all together: a hundred guests in all. 1
  • idioms above all once and for all, for the last time; finally: The case was settled once and for all when the appeal was denied. 1
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