ALL meanings of ablution

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  • noun ablution the ritual washing of a priest's hands or of sacred vessels 3
  • noun ablution the act of washing (esp in the phrase perform one's ablutions) 3
  • noun ablution a washing place 3
  • noun ablution a washing of the body, esp. as a religious ceremony 3
  • noun ablution the liquid used for such washing 3
  • noun ablution a cleansing with water or other liquid, especially as a religious ritual. 1
  • noun ablution the liquid thus used. 1
  • noun ablution Usually, ablutions. a washing of the hands, body, etc. 1
  • noun ablution The act of washing oneself (often used for humorously formal effect). 1
  • noun ablution washing of the body 1
  • noun ablution The act of washing something. 0
  • noun ablution The liquid used in the cleansing or ablution. 0
  • noun ablution (Orthodox Christianity) The ritual consumption by the deacon or priest of leftover sacred wine of host after the Communion. 0
  • noun ablution (plural only, Britain, military) The location or building where the showers and sinks are located. 0
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