Words starting with xe

2 letter words starting with xe

  • xe — (nonstandard) they (singular). non-gloss definition Gender-neutral third-person singular subject pronoun, coordinate with gendered pronouns 'he' and 'she'.

3 letter words starting with xe

  • xed — to cross out or mark with or as if with an x (often followed by out): to x out an error.
  • xex — Xtreme Elite Xecutioners

4 letter words starting with xe

  • xeme — Sabine's gull (Xema sabini).
  • xeon — Pentium II Xeon

5 letter words starting with xe

  • xebec — a small, three-masted vessel of the Mediterranean, formerly much used by corsairs, now employed to some extent in commerce.
  • xenia — a city in W Ohio.
  • xenic — (inorganic chemistry) Relating to xenic acid.
  • xenix — (operating system)   A commercial version of Unix for microprocessor-based computers, released by Microsoft in 1980. In 1992, SCO became Microsoft's co-development partner and the alternate source for the product.
  • xeno- — indicating something strange, different, or foreign

6 letter words starting with xe

  • xebecs — Plural form of xebec.
  • xemacs — (text, tool)   (Originally "Lucid Emacs") A text editor for the X Window System, based on GNU Emacs version 19, produced by a collaboration of Lucid, Inc., SunPro (a division of Sun Microsystems, Inc.), and the University of Illinois. Lucid chose to build part of Energize, their C/C++ development environment on top of GNU Emacs. Though their product is commercial, the work on GNU Emacs is free software, and is useful without having to purchase the product. They needed a version of Emacs with mouse-sensitive regions, multiple fonts, the ability to mark sections of a buffer as read-only, the ability to detect which parts of a buffer has been modified, and many other features. The existing version of Epoch was not sufficient; it did not allow arbitrary pixmaps and icons in buffers, "undo" did not restore changes to regions, regions did not overlap and merge their attributes. Lucid spent some time in 1990 working on Epoch but later decided that their efforts would be better spent improving Emacs 19 instead. Lucid did not have time to get their changes accepted by the FSF so they released Lucid Emacs as a forked branch of Emacs. Roughly a year after Lucid Emacs 19.0 was released, a beta version of the FSF branch of Emacs 19 was released. Lucid continued to develop and support Lucid Emacs, merging in bug fixes and new features from the FSF branch as appropriate. A compatibility package was planned to allow Epoch 4 code to run in Lemacs with little or no change. (As of 19.8, Lucid Emacs ran a descendant of the Epoch redisplay engine.)
  • xenial — the influence or effect of pollen on a structure other than the embryo, as the seed or fruit.
  • xenium — A gift or offering.
  • xeriff — (obsolete) A gold coin once current in Egypt and Turkey.

7 letter words starting with xe

  • xenakis — Iannis (ˈjanis). 1922–2001, Greek composer and musical theorist, born in Romania: later a French citizen. He was noted for his use of computers in composition: his works include ST/10-1, 080262 (1962) and Dox-orkh (1991)
  • xenical — a drug that reduces the ability to absorb fats; used in the medical treatment of obesity
  • xenopus — an African clawed frog of the genus Xenopus having no tongue
  • xerafin — an old Bombay coin equivalent to 3⁄5 of a rupee
  • xerarch — (of a sere) originating in a dry habitat.

8 letter words starting with xe

  • xenogamy — pollination of the stigma of a flower by pollen from a flower on another plant.
  • xenogeny — heterogenesis (def 1).
  • xenolith — a rock fragment foreign to the igneous rock in which it is embedded.
  • xenology — (chiefly in science fiction) the scientific study of alien biology, cultures, etc.
  • xenophon — 434?–355? b.c, Greek historian and essayist.

9 letter words starting with xe

  • xenagogue — A guide.
  • xenoblast — a crystal that forms in metamorphic rock and gets its outline from neighboring crystals.
  • xenocryst — a rock or crystal engulfed by magma and retained as an inclusion in the resulting igneous rock.
  • xenogenic — heterogenesis (def 1).
  • xenograft — a graft obtained from a member of one species and transplanted to a member of another species.

10 letter words starting with xe

  • xenarthral — having unusually jointed or articulated vertebrae
  • xenobiotic — a chemical or substance that is foreign to an organism or biological system.
  • xenocrates — 396–314 b.c, Greek philosopher.
  • xenocrysts — Plural form of xenocryst.
  • xenogeneic — Denoting, relating to, or involving tissues or cells belonging to individuals of different species.

11 letter words starting with xe

  • xenobiology — The speculative biology of extraterrestrial life forms.
  • xenoblastic — a crystal that forms in metamorphic rock and gets its outline from neighboring crystals.
  • xenocentric — Of, relating to, or advocating xenocentrism.
  • xenodochial — (rare) Friendly to strangers.
  • xenodochium — a guesthouse for receiving strangers

12 letter words starting with xe

  • xenocurrency — currency circulating or traded in money markets of countries outside its country of issue.
  • xenoestrogen — (biochemistry) A xenohormone that imitates estrogen.
  • xenoreactive — (immunology) That generates a reaction to material from another species.

13 letter words starting with xe

  • xenodiagnosis — a method of diagnosing certain diseases caused by insects, ticks, or other vectors, by allowing uninfected vectors to feed on the patient and later examining them for infections.
  • xenoestrogens — Plural form of xenoestrogen.
  • xerophthalmia — abnormal dryness of the eyeball characterized by conjunctivitis, caused by a deficiency of tears and attributed to a lack of vitamin A.
  • xerophthalmic — Of or pertaining to xerophthalmia.

14 letter words starting with xe

15 letter words starting with xe

  • xenotransplants — Plural form of xenotransplant.
  • xerographically — In a xerographic way; by xerography.
  • xeroradiography — an x-ray utilizing a specially coated plate that allows a picture to be developed without the use of liquid chemicals.

16 letter words starting with xe

19 letter words starting with xe

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