Words starting with whatf

Unfortunately we didn’t found any matching words.
Maybe these words will be useful:
  • what price something? — what are the chances of something happening now?
  • what's cooking — (Idiomatic) INF A greeting, similar to how are you?; what's happening?; what's up?; what's new?.
  • what sb is (going) on about — If you ask someone what they are on about or what they are going on about, you are puzzled because you cannot understand what they are talking about.
  • what sb/sth looks like — If you ask what someone or something looks like, you are asking for a description of them.
  • what someone is driving at — If you ask someone what they are driving at, you are asking what they are trying to say or what they are saying indirectly.
  • what's eating you — (Idiomatic) What is annoying or bothering you?.
  • what the future holds — If you wonder what the future holds, you wonder what will happen in the future.