Words starting with spermal

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • spermaceti — a pearly white, waxy, translucent solid, obtained from the oil in the head of the sperm whale: used chiefly in cosmetics and candles, and as an emollient.
  • spermagonium — Botany, Mycology. spermogonium.
  • spermary — an organ in which spermatozoa are generated; testis.
  • spermatangium — the organ that produces spermatia in red algae.
  • spermatheca — a small sac or cavity in female or hermaphroditic invertebrates used to store sperm for fertilizing eggs, as in the queen bee.
  • spermatia — Botany. the nonmotile male gamete of a red alga.
  • spermatic — of, relating to, or resembling sperm; seminal; generative.