Words starting with she

3 letter words starting with she

4 letter words starting with she

  • she- — female
  • shea — shea tree.
  • shed — Textiles. (on a loom) a triangular, transverse opening created between raised and lowered warp threads through which the shuttle passes in depositing the loose pick.
  • shee — sídh.
  • shem — the eldest of the three sons of Noah. Gen. 10:21.

5 letter words starting with she

  • she'd — She'd is the usual spoken form of 'she had', especially when 'had' is an auxiliary verb.
  • she's — a female person or animal.
  • sheaf — one of the bundles in which cereal plants, as wheat, rye, etc., are bound after reaping.
  • sheal — a shell or pod
  • shear — to cut (something).

6 letter words starting with she

  • she'll — She'll is the usual spoken form of 'she will'.
  • she/he — she or he
  • sheafy — composed of, related to, or resembling a sheaf
  • shears — to cut (something).
  • sheath — a case or covering for the blade of a sword, dagger, or the like.

7 letter words starting with she

  • she-cat — a female cat
  • she-oak — any of various Australian trees of the genus Casuarina
  • sheared — shaped or completed by or as if by shearing.
  • shearerMoira (Moira Shearer King) 1926–2006, British ballerina.
  • sheathe — to put (a sword, dagger, etc.) into a sheath.

8 letter words starting with she

9 letter words starting with she

  • she-devil — a woman who resembles a devil, as in extreme wickedness, cruelty, or bad temper.
  • sheaflike — resembling a sheaf
  • shearlegs — shear (def 16).
  • shearling — Chiefly British. a yearling sheep that has been shorn once.
  • sheatfish — a large, freshwater catfish, Silurus glanis, inhabiting rivers in central and eastern Europe, sometimes reaching a weight of 400 pounds (181.4 kg).

10 letter words starting with she

  • shearwater — any of several long-winged petrels of the genus Puffinus that appear to shear the water with their wing tips when flying low.
  • sheathbill — either of two white sea birds, Chionis alba or C. minor, of the colder parts of the Southern Hemisphere: so called from the horny sheath covering the base of the upper bill.
  • sheathless — lacking a sheath or a covering
  • shebagging — the practice by a female passenger on public transport of placing a bag on the seat beside her, so denying it to another passenger
  • sheep-fold — an enclosure for sheep.

11 letter words starting with she

  • sheep-shank — a kind of knot, hitch, or bend made on a rope to shorten it temporarily.
  • sheepherder — shepherd (def 1).
  • sheherazade — a legendary Persian queen who is a character in (and the storyteller of) 'One Thousand and One Nights'
  • shelbyville — a city in central Indiana.
  • shelftalker — a promotional sign used by a retailer to draw attention to a featured product on the shelf

12 letter words starting with she

  • sheepherding — the act of herding or tending sheep
  • shellcracker — redear sunfish.
  • shellfishery — the industry and commerce of catching, processing, and selling shellfish; raising shellfish for commercial purposes.
  • shellshocked — suffering from shellshock
  • shepherdless — lacking a shepherd

13 letter words starting with she

  • sheepshearing — an act or instance of shearing sheep.
  • shelf-stacker — a person whose job is to fill the shelves and displays in a supermarket or other shop with goods for sale
  • shell-shocked — battle fatigue.

14 letter words starting with she

  • sheep-worrying — the act (of a dog, sheepdog, wolf, etc) of chasing a flock of sheep and biting or injuring the sheep
  • shell-and-tube heat exchanger — A shell-and-tube heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger that consists of a cylinder carrying one fluid, with some smaller cylinders inside it carrying another fluid.

15 letter words starting with she

  • shearing-stress — a coefficient of elasticity of a substance, expressing the ratio between the force per unit area (shearing stress) that laterally deforms the substance and the shear (shearing strain) that is produced by this force.

16 letter words starting with she

  • shepherd's-purse — a European weed, Capsella bursa-pastoris, having white flowers and purselike pods, naturalized in North America.

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