Words starting with roo

3 letter words starting with roo

  • roo — kangaroo.

4 letter words starting with roo

  • rood — a crucifix, especially a large one at the entrance to the choir or chancel of a medieval church, often supported on a rood beam or rood screen.
  • roof — the external upper covering of a house or other building.
  • rook — one of two pieces of the same color that may be moved any number of unobstructed squares horizontally or vertically; castle.
  • room — channel
  • roon — a shred or strip of cloth

5 letter words starting with roo

  • roofs — the external upper covering of a house or other building.
  • roofy — having or abounding in roofs
  • rooky — full of or frequented by rooks.
  • rooms — lodgings or quarters, as in a house or building
  • roomy — affording ample room; spacious; large.

6 letter words starting with roo

  • roofed — the external upper covering of a house or other building.
  • roofer — a person who makes or repairs roofs.
  • roofie — a dose of the sedative flunitrazepam, especially in tablet form.
  • rooked — a black, European crow, Corvus frugilegus, noted for its gregarious habits.
  • rookie — an athlete playing his or her first season as a member of a professional sports team: The rookie replaced the injured regular at first base.

7 letter words starting with roo

  • roofing — the act of covering with a roof.
  • rooftop — the roof of a building, especially the outer surface.
  • rooibos — an evergreen shrub of South Africa cultivated for tea leaves
  • rooikat — a South African lynx, Felis caracal
  • rooinek — Briton; Britisher.

8 letter words starting with roo

  • roofless — having no roof.
  • roofline — the outline of a rooftop.
  • rooftree — the ridgepole of a roof.
  • roomette — a small private compartment in the sleeping car of a train, usually for one person, containing its own washroom facilities and a bed that folds against the wall when not in use.
  • roommate — a person who is assigned to share or shares a room or apartment with another or others.

9 letter words starting with roo

  • roof-deck — a part of a flat roof used for gardening, sunbathing, etc.
  • roofscape — a view of the rooftops of a town, city, etc
  • roominess — affording ample room; spacious; large.
  • roosevelt — (Anna) Eleanor, 1884–1962, U.S. diplomat, author, and lecturer (wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt).
  • rootbound — (of a pot plant) having outgrown its pot, so that the roots are cramped and tangled

10 letter words starting with roo

  • roodepoort — an industrial city in NE South Africa, in the Witwatersrand. Pop: 172 601 (2001)
  • rooming-in — an arrangement in some hospitals that enables postpartum mothers to keep their babies with them in their rooms rather than in a separate nursery.
  • rootedness — having roots.
  • rootserver — any of a small number of important large servers on the internet that match addresses at the top-domain level
  • rootsiness — the quality of being rootsy

11 letter words starting with roo

  • roosterfish — a large, edible fish, Nematistius pectoralis, inhabiting the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean, having the first dorsal fin composed of brightly colored filamentous rays.
  • roostertail — a full spray or cloud, as of water in the wake of a speeding boat or dust from a speeding car

12 letter words starting with roo

  • rooflessness — the state of having no roof
  • rooseveltian — of, pertaining to, advocating, or following the principles, views, or policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt or of Theodore Roosevelt.
  • rootlessness — having no roots.

15 letter words starting with roo

  • room-and-pillar — noting a means of extracting coal or other minerals from underground deposits by first cutting out rooms, then robbing the pillars between them; pillar-and-breast.
  • root-and-branch — a part of the body of a plant that develops, typically, from the radicle and grows downward into the soil, anchoring the plant and absorbing nutriment and moisture.

16 letter words starting with roo

  • room-temperature iq — (abuse)   (IBM) 80 or below. Used in describing the expected intelligence range of the luser. "Well, but how's this interface going to play with the room-temperature IQ crowd?" This is a much more insulting phrase in countries that use Celsius thermometers. See drool-proof paper.

21 letter words starting with roo

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