Words starting with phor

7 letter words starting with phor

  • phorate — a systemic insecticide, C 7 H 1 7 O 2 PS 3 , used especially as a soil treatment for the control of numerous crop-damaging insects.
  • phorbol — the parent alcohol, C 2 0 H 2 8 O 6 , of certain carcinogenic compounds in croton oil.
  • phorcys — a sea god who fathered the Gorgons.
  • phoresy — (among insects and arachnids) a nonparasitic relationship in which one species is carried about by another.

8 letter words starting with phor

  • phorminx — an ancient Greek stringed musical instrument of the lyre family
  • phormium — any plant of the New Zealand bulbous genus Phormium, with leathery evergreen leaves and red or yellow flowers in panicles
  • phoronid — any member of the invertebrate phylum Phoronida, wormlike marine animals living in a chitinous tube and having an anterior structure bearing ciliated tentacles for feeding.

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