Words starting with ou

2 letter words starting with ou

  • ou — A fruit-eating Hawaiian honeycreeper with a stout bill and green and yellow plumage.

3 letter words starting with ou

  • oud — a musical instrument of the Middle East and northern Africa belonging to the lute family.
  • oui — yes
  • oup — Oxford University Press
  • our — (used to denote the narrator of a literary work written in the first person singular).
  • ous — Plural form of ou.

4 letter words starting with ou

  • ouch — a clasp, buckle, or brooch, especially one worn for ornament.
  • oudh — a former part of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh in N India: now part of Uttar Pradesh.
  • ouds — Plural form of oud.
  • ough — The sound of a grunt or groan or cough.
  • ould — (slang, Ireland) old, aged, long-established.

5 letter words starting with ou

  • oubit — a hairy caterpillar
  • ouche — (poetic) A brooch or clasp for fastening a piece of clothing together, especially when valuable or set with jewels.
  • oudry — Jean-Baptiste (ʒɑ̃batist). 1686–1755, French rococo painter and tapestry designer, noted esp for animal and hunting scenes
  • oueme — a river in Benin, flowing S to the Bight of Benin near Porto Novo. About 310 miles (500 km) long.
  • ouens — Plural form of ou.

6 letter words starting with ou

  • oubaas — a person who is senior in years or rank
  • ouched — a clasp, buckle, or brooch, especially one worn for ornament.
  • ouches — a clasp, buckle, or brooch, especially one worn for ornament.
  • oughta — (colloquial, or, dialectical) Ought to.
  • oughts — a cipher (0); zero.

7 letter words starting with ou

  • ouabain — a glycoside occurring as a white, crystalline powder, C 2 9 H 4 4 O 1 2 , obtained from the seeds of a shrub, Strophanthus gratus, or from the wood of trees of the genus Acokanthera, and used in medicine chiefly as a cardiac stimulant.
  • ouakari — Alternative form of uakari.
  • oubangi — French name of Ubangi.
  • oughten — (colloquial, or, dialectical) ought not, oughtn't.
  • oughter — (archaic, or, dialectal) Ought to.

8 letter words starting with ou

  • ouachita — a river flowing SE from W Arkansas through NE Louisiana to the Red River. 605 miles (975 km) long.
  • ouessant — French name of Ushant.
  • oughtn't — ought not, ought not to
  • ouistiti — a South American monkey of the family Hapalidae, esp Hapale jacchus
  • ourinhos — a city in E Brazil.

9 letter words starting with ou

  • ouanderoo — Archaic form of wanderoo.
  • oubliette — a secret dungeon with an opening only in the ceiling, as in certain old castles.
  • oughtlins — in the least; to the least degree.
  • oughtness — the state of being right
  • oulujarvi — a lake in central Finland, draining through the Oulu River to the Gulf of Bothnia.

10 letter words starting with ou

  • ouananiche — A salmon of landlocked populations living in lakes in Labrador and Newfoundland.
  • oubliettes — Plural form of oubliette.
  • oudtshoorn — a city in the S Cape of Good Hope province, in the S Republic of South Africa.
  • oughtlings — at all
  • out-basket — out-box.

11 letter words starting with ou

  • ouagadougou — a republic in W Africa: formerly part of French West Africa. 106,111 sq. mi. (274,827 sq. km). Capital: Ouagadougou.
  • out-a-sight — out-of-sight.
  • out-and-out — complete; total; thoroughgoing: an out-and-out lie.
  • out-compete — to strive to outdo another for acknowledgment, a prize, supremacy, profit, etc.; engage in a contest; vie: to compete in a race; to compete in business.
  • out-country — a remote area or region; hinterland.

12 letter words starting with ou

  • out-building — a detached building subordinate to a main building.
  • out-marriage — a marriage to someone outside one's ethnic group
  • out-of-court — conducted or agreed upon between contending parties without court decision: an out-of-court settlement of a lawsuit.
  • out-of-doors — Also, out-of-door. outdoor.
  • out-of-print — being no longer published; no longer printed or reprinted: a bookstore specializing in out-of-print books.

13 letter words starting with ou

  • out-and-outer — a person who does things with excessive thoroughness; extremist.
  • out-of-bounds — Sports. being beyond or passing the limits or boundaries of a field, course, etc., marking the area within which the ball, puck, or the like is legally in play.
  • out-of-pocket — paid out in cash or from one's own financial resources and sometimes reimbursed: My out-of-pocket travel expenses included taking business clients to dinner.
  • out-of-stater — a visitor from another state of the U.S.: Many out-of-staters come to our summer music festival.
  • out-of-towner — a visitor from another town or city: The World's Fair brought many out-of-towners to New Orleans.

14 letter words starting with ou

15 letter words starting with ou

  • outdoorsmanship — a person devoted to outdoor sports and recreational activities, as hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping.
  • outstandingness — prominent; conspicuous; striking: an outstanding example of courage.

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