Words starting with odont

7 letter words starting with odont

  • odontic — relating to teeth
  • odonto- — indicating a tooth or teeth

8 letter words starting with odont

  • odontoid — of or resembling a tooth; toothlike.
  • odontoma — a tumour involving the teeth or the tissue that surrounds or produces teeth
  • odontoid process — the toothlike upward projection at the back of the second vertebra of the neck

10 letter words starting with odont

  • odontalgia — pain in a tooth; toothache.
  • odontiasis — dentition (def 2).
  • odontocete — any whale of the suborder Odontoceti, as dolphins, killer whales, and sperm whales, characterized by an asymmetrical skull, a single blowhole, and rows of teeth, feeding primarily on fish, squid, and crustaceans.
  • odontogeny — the development of teeth.
  • odontolite — bone turquoise.

11 letter words starting with odont

  • odontoblast — one of a layer of cells lining the pulp cavity of a tooth, from which dentin is formed.
  • odontocetes — Plural form of odontocete.
  • odontogenic — the development of teeth.
  • odontograph — an instrument for laying out the forms of gear teeth or ratchets.
  • odontopathy — (pathology) Any disease that affects the teeth.

12 letter words starting with odont

  • odontoblasts — Plural form of odontoblast.
  • odontography — a treatise regarding the teeth
  • odontologist — the science dealing with the study of the teeth and their surrounding tissues and with the prevention and cure of their diseases.
  • odontomatous — relating to an odontoma
  • odontophobia — an unnatural dread or terror of teeth

13 letter words starting with odont

  • odontoblastic — Relating to odontoblasts.
  • odontogenesis — the development of teeth.
  • odontoglossum — any epiphytic orchid of the genus Odontoglossum, of the mountainous regions from Bolivia to Mexico.
  • odontornithes — a proposed class of birds that possess teeth

14 letter words starting with odont

15 letter words starting with odont

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