Words starting with my

2 letter words starting with my

  • my — (used to denote the narrator of a literary work written in the first person singular).
  • my antonia — a novel (1918) by Willa Cather.
  • my aunt! — an exclamation of surprise or amazement
  • my bad — not good in any manner or degree.
  • my bet is/it's my bet that — You can use my bet is or it's my bet to give your personal opinion about something, when you are fairly sure that you are right.

3 letter words starting with my

  • my- — myo-
  • mya — Million years ago.

4 letter words starting with my

  • myal — of or relating to muscle tissue
  • myc- — myco-
  • myna — any of several Asian birds of the starling family Sturnidae, especially those of the genera Acridotheres and Gracula, certain species of which have the ability to mimic speech and are kept as pets.
  • myo- — muscle
  • myob — (chat)   mind your own business.

5 letter words starting with my

  • myall — any of several Australian acacias, especially Acacia pendula (weeping myall) having gray foliage and drooping branches.
  • myco- — indicating fungus
  • myel- — the spinal cord or bone marrow
  • myers — L(eopold) H(amilton). 1881–1944, British novelist, best known for his novel sequence The Near and the Far (1929–40)
  • mylae — a port in NE Sicily: founded in the 8th century bc; scene of a battle (1860), in which Garibaldi defeated the Bourbon forces. Pop: 32 108 (2001)

6 letter words starting with my

  • myasis — myiasis.
  • mycale — a promontory in W Asia Minor, in present-day W Turkey, opposite Samos: site of a Persian defeat by the Greeks in 479 b.c.
  • mycele — one of many microfibres in cervical mucus through which sperm must pass to reach the uterus
  • mycol. — mycological
  • mycose — Trehalose.

7 letter words starting with my

  • myalgia — pain in the muscles; muscular rheumatism.
  • myalgic — Pertaining to myalgia.
  • myalism — a kind of witchcraft, similar to obi, practised esp in the Caribbean
  • myanmarUnion of, official name of Burma.
  • mycelia — Plural form of mycelium.

8 letter words starting with my

  • myalgias — pain in the muscles; muscular rheumatism.
  • myatonia — deficient muscle tone.
  • mycelial — Of or pertaining to the mycelium.
  • mycelium — the mass of hyphae that form the vegetative part of a fungus.
  • mycetism — poisoning due to mushrooms.

9 letter words starting with my

  • myatrophy — myoatrophy.
  • mycenaean — of or relating to the ancient city of Mycenae.
  • mycerinus — king of ancient Egypt c2600–2570 b.c.: builder of the third great pyramid at ·El· Giza.
  • mycobiont — the fungal component of a lichen.
  • mycoflora — the fungi characteristic of a particular environment.

10 letter words starting with my

11 letter words starting with my

12 letter words starting with my

  • mycetomatous — relating to or affected by a mycetoma
  • myclobutanil — A triazole fungicide that works by inhibiting ergosterol biosynthesis.
  • mycobacteria — Plural form of mycobacterium.
  • mycocecidium — a gall caused by a parasitic fungus.
  • mycodomatium — an abnormal growth on a plant, caused by fungi

13 letter words starting with my

  • mycetophagous — That feeds on fungi.
  • mycobacterial — (medicine) Of or pertaining to mycobacteria.
  • mycobacterium — A bacterium of a group that includes the causative agents of leprosy and tuberculosis.
  • mycologically — In terms of, or by means of, mycology.
  • mycoplasmosis — a disease in animals and humans caused by mycoplasma

14 letter words starting with my

  • mycotoxicology — the study of the toxic properties of fungi
  • myelencephalon — the posterior section of the hindbrain comprising the medulla oblongata.
  • myelodysplasia — (medicine) Any of various conditions characterized by the faulty or inadequate production of bone marrow or blood cells.
  • mylonitization — the geological process which causes the formation of mylonite
  • myocardiograph — an instrument for recording the movements of the heart.

15 letter words starting with my

16 letter words starting with my

  • myelomeningocele — (pathology) A form of spina bifida characterized by protrusion of the spinal meninges.
  • myelosuppression — (medicine) A reduction of bone marrow activity that leads to a lower concentration of platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells.

18 letter words starting with my

  • myeloproliferative — (medicine) of or pertaining to the presence of an abnormal proliferation of myelopoietic cells (from bone marrow).

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