Words starting with mach

4 letter words starting with mach

  • machErnst [ernst] /ɛrnst/ (Show IPA), 1838–1916, Austrian physicist, psychologist, and philosopher.
  • mach interface generator — (tool, programming)   (MIG) An implementation of a subset of Matchmaker that generates C and C++ remote procedure call interfaces for interprocess communication between Mach tasks.
  • mach number — a number indicating the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the medium through which the object is moving. Abbreviation: M.
  • mach scale — a scale that measures how much deceit and manipulation one will approve or condone in order to achieve some end.

5 letter words starting with mach

  • mache — corn salad.
  • macho — having or characterized by qualities considered manly, especially when manifested in an assertive, self-conscious, or dominating way.
  • machi chips — in Indian English, fish and chips
  • machu picchu — the site of an ancient Incan and pre-Incan city, about 7000 feet (2130 meters) above sea level in the Andes, in S central Peru.

6 letter words starting with mach

  • machan — A kind of safety platform in a tree used when hunting big animals such as tigers and leopards; found most commonly in Indian jungles.
  • machel — Samora Moisés [suh-mawr-uh moi-zes] /səˈmɔr ə mɔɪˈzɛs/ (Show IPA), 1933–86, Mozambique political leader: president 1975–86.
  • machenArthur, 1863–1947, Welsh novelist and essayist.
  • macher — A person who gets things done.
  • maches — corn salad.

7 letter words starting with mach

  • machado — Joaquim Maria (ʒuaˈkɪ maˈria). 1839–1908, Brazilian author of novels and short stories, whose novels include Epitaph of a Small Winner (1881) and Dom Casmurro (1899)
  • machair — (geology) A type of calcerous sandy terrain formed mostly from seashells, found by the coast in areas of Scotland and Ireland.
  • machala — a city in SW Ecuador.
  • machans — Plural form of machan.
  • machaon — a son of Asclepius who was famed as a healer and who served as physician of the Greeks in the Trojan War.

8 letter words starting with mach

  • machairs — Plural form of machair.
  • machetes — Plural form of machete.
  • machilid — jumping bristletail.
  • machinal — Of, or pertaining to machines.
  • machined — Simple past tense and past participle of machine.

9 letter words starting with mach

  • machabees — Maccabees (def 2).
  • machinate — Engage in plots and intrigues; scheme.
  • machinery — an assemblage of machines or mechanical apparatuses: the machinery of a factory.
  • machinima — the process of making real-time animated films by utilizing the 3D graphics technology of computer games.
  • machining — an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work: a sewing machine.

10 letter words starting with mach

  • machinable — (of a material) capable of being cut or shaped with machine tools. Compare free-machining.
  • machinated — Simple past tense and past participle of machinate.
  • machinates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of machinate.
  • machinator — One who machinates, or forms a scheme with evil designs; a plotter or artful schemer.
  • machinegun — Alternative spelling of machine gun.

11 letter words starting with mach

  • machiavelli — Niccolò di Bernardo [neek-kaw-law dee ber-nahr-daw] /ˌnik kɔˈlɔ di bɛrˈnɑr dɔ/ (Show IPA), 1469–1527, Italian statesman, political philosopher, and author.
  • machicolate — to provide with machicolations.
  • machinating — Present participle of machinate.
  • machination — an act or instance of machinating.
  • machinators — Plural form of machinator.

12 letter words starting with mach

13 letter words starting with mach

  • machiavellian — of, like, or befitting Machiavelli.
  • machiavellism — of, like, or befitting Machiavelli.
  • machicolation — an opening in the floor between the corbels of a projecting gallery or parapet, as on a wall or in the vault of a passage, through which missiles, molten lead, etc., might be cast upon an enemy beneath.
  • machilipatnam — a city in E Andhra Pradesh state, in S India, on the Bay of Bengal: first British trading settlement 1611.
  • machinability — The condition of being machinable.

14 letter words starting with mach

16 letter words starting with mach

  • machiavellianism — of, like, or befitting Machiavelli.
  • machine-readable — of or relating to data encoded on an appropriate medium and in a form suitable for processing by computer.
  • machine-assisted translation — translation done by a human translator who uses computer software to assist with the translation

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