Words starting with lp

2 letter words starting with lp

  • lp — a phonograph record played at 33 1/3 r.p.m.; long-playing record.
  • lp mud — (games)   A kind of player-programmable multi-user adventure game. See MUD.
  • lp spooler — (printer)   A line printer spooler.

3 letter words starting with lp

  • lpc — (language)   A variant of C designed ca 1988 to program LP MUDs.
  • lpf — League for Programming Freedom
  • lpg — 1. Linguaggio Procedure Grafiche (Italian for "Graphical Procedures Language"). dott. Gabriele Selmi. Roughly a cross between Fortran and APL, with graphical-oriented extensions and several peculiarities. Underlies the products of CAD.LAB Spa. "Graphical Procedure Language User's Guide and Reference Manual", CAD.LAB, Bologna, Italy, 1989, order code GO89/9. 2. Langage de Programmation Generique. An applicative language, both specification and functional. Special emphasis on parametrised declarations. "Design and Implementation of a Generic, Logic and Functional Programming Language", D. Bert et al, ESOP 86, LNCS 213, Springer 1986.
  • lpi — (language)   A PL/I interpreter for IBM PCs and workstations. E-mail: <[email protected]>.
  • lpl — List Programming Language. LISP-like language with ALGOL-like syntax, for IBM 360. "LPL - LISP Programming Language", F.W. Blair et al, RC 3062, IBM TJWRC, Sep 1970.

4 letter words starting with lp

  • lpac — 1.   (audio, compression)   Lossless Predictive Audio Compression. 2. London Parallel Applications Centre.
  • lpga — Ladies Professional Golf Association

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