Words starting with lepsy

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • leps — Plural form of lep.
  • lepsius — Karl Richard [kahrl rikh-ahrt] /kɑrl ˈrɪx ɑrt/ (Show IPA), 1810–84, German philologist and Egyptologist.
  • lepal — (botany, obsolete) A sterile transformed stamen.
  • lepas — (zoology) Any of the genus Lepas of pedunculated barnacles found attached to floating timber, bottoms of ships, etc.; a goose barnacle.
  • lepers — A person suffering from leprosy.
  • lepid — (obsolete) pleasant; jocose.
  • lepidomelane — (mineralogy) A black iron-potash mica, usually found in granitic rocks in small six-sided tables, or as an aggregation of minute opaque scales.
  • lepidopterans — Plural form of lepidopteran.
  • lepidopterists — Plural form of lepidopterist.