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  • lagrimoso — Alternative form of lacrimoso.
  • lagrange — Joseph Louis [zhaw-zef lwee] /ʒɔˈzɛf lwi/ (Show IPA), Comte, 1736–1813, French mathematician and astronomer.
  • lagrange's method — a procedure for finding maximum and minimum values of a function of several variables when the variables are restricted by additional conditions.
  • lagrange's theorem — the theorem that the order of each subgroup of a finite group is a factor of the order of the group.
  • lagrangian function — kinetic potential.
  • lagrangian point — one of five points in the orbital plane of two bodies orbiting about their common center of gravity at which another body of small mass can be in equilibrium.
  • lagar — (in Spain and Portugal) a large, typically stone trough in which grapes are trod.
  • lagerphone — (Australia) A generally homemade percussion instrument consisting of crown cap beer bottle tops loosely nailed to a pole (often a broom handle) and a board mounted cross-ways on the pole (the head of the broom), and played by striking the pole on the ground or with a stick, by drawing the serrated stick across the pole, or by shaking the instrument. (From 1952.).
  • lagers — Plural form of lager.